Beer production, profit system, singular relationships

In reading a report, supported by two companies, about how to develop friendly water usage practices between towns and industry I realized that so many things were assumed and accepted as what is allowed on this earth that is of abuse. The report focusing on a singular relationship, a relationship that exists in a bubble, inconsiderate of all that is here, inconsiderate of the extensive abuse the two points discussed have on the whole.

The example given in the article was of a beer company sharing regional water with a community. Where rising costs of water usage were discussed because of the process involved in bringing beer to market; the aluminum extracted from the earth involved water, the growth of hops involved water, and the manufacture of the beer itself using water. The focus and purpose of the paper leading one to believe that solutions that benefited the manufacturing of beer and the water usage of the town ended in harmony ( harm-ony) . How nice that business is being considerate of the regional people’s water usage, wanting to find solutions- sharing. My heart is filling with warmth and happy feelings. And as I accept these feelings I am lost to what is really happening to the earth. Feelings so easily caught up doing good deeds, where the big picture is not looked at, where the waste and abuse and diminishing resource of the earth is not known or remembered into what is being suggested and presented, an act of partial disclosure.

This article focused on a solution that was, overall, allowing the existence of something that was/is not needed. Something that abuses the earth by using too much resource towards a product that does not develop the human, only allowing the human an escape, a numbing of the senses as the human physical body, where the human is dumbed down and full potential unrealized. Are the end results of the manufacture of beer disclosed, fully disclosed? Is it disclosed that the labor used in the beer factory perhaps something that turns the human into a robot, or currently, not even using a human but a machine to produce the beer, so jobs are not even created as this beer making, resource sucking, people- limiting-through-resource-grab, and people-intoxication-product completely of no benefit to a human. That perhaps this whole scenario is something the world could live without because it obviously has no interest in what is best for all.
How many other industries in this world, products in this world can we live without, products that limit human development, products that waste the diminishing resource of this plant? How many human practices are allowed to exist, assumed necessary, when if looked at closely, for a moment are not really necessary, and actually limit the expression of man.

How many relationships are made and suggested that actually blind us from what is happening within ourselves, through emotions and feelings, and without, in the use of resource on this planet.
As in the production of beer, the development of a relationship is presented and suggested in beneficial terms, but if we stand back and look at the impact of the suggested relationship what do we discover? Abuse, in every direction, and this is not disclosed, impact from a broader perspective, from an angle of depth is not looked at.

Looking at what is best for all means adding depth perception, adding the impact of what is suggested on multiple levels, from multiple angles. This will mean looking past many accepted assumptions. The main assumption being our system of profit.

Our system of profit includes no depth perception, does not look at human potential, does not look, cannot look at the potential of unconditional self expression of all that is here on this earth, because the process of doing this would destroy the existence of profit.

If depth perception were developed in man, this world would be a very different place. But the sense of ourselves that is of depth perception is numbed by beer, and desire for sex, all things that require continued resource to maintain their short term effects, exterior stimulation, instead of interior extension of ourselves as sense as awareness of what is actually here. In so many ways our natural ability to sense our surroundings is forced into only seeing a relationship between two things. And should we suggest that this is happening, the fear of losing our relation to a job- a means of income- is threatened. The present system of survival- needing to make money to exist-based on profit, is the shutting off our our natural ability to sense, is the shutting off of our depth perception. And is one looks closely, many of the products we create aid the continued shutting down of the natural ability of man to develop depth perception.

Realize that the present system of profit and all it promotes shuts us down through the presentation of singular relationships, that do not disclose outcomes of abuse, and limiit our natural ability to sense and perceive the depths of all that is here. Our system does not allow us the joy of what is best for all, does not allow us to use the capacity of man to sense this physical world in its entirety.

It really is like playing music in an orchestra, or with another person, where one extends oneself to sense what oneself is doing and what the other (s) is/are doing, where all that is happening is oneself sensing the other, the parts creating the whole, the parts sensing the whole, the parts generating and participating in the whole, becoming one with the whole. And it only works if all participate fully. Any competition from within stops this, any desire from within the group stops this, usually this is sensed as well by the participants.
We all know that the present system shuts us down, stops our natural ability to perceive the depths of our actions. We do this because we fear for our survival.

The solution is really very simple. Stand and support an equal money system, where what is here as a means of interaction of resource is used to support our human physical bodies to allow man to sense the whole.
Participate in the desteni i process and stop the mind, developed by the present system to see only singular relationships, where sensing the whole is blocked. Stand and be the change, it is the only way. No one else is going to do this for you.

Understand the history of our world.
Desteni Universe


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