Competition and greed are the paralysis of a quartet and existence on Earth.

Competition, the desire for control, paralyzes solution, the route/root of the evil of Capitalism.
I spent many hours practicing with my three other sisters in a quartet when the four of us were teenagers. We would go and perform in “gated communities” because we were seen as “special” and I suppose those that lived in these places thought they were doing supportive “cultural “ things. It was another one of those times when I have a clear memory of sitting in some very large house, where the next house was unseeable through the vast land around the house, and thinking that I was in some kind of stage play that was a game and not really what was real.

My sisters and I had to practice, or we faced the will of another, much stronger than our own. We had already been trained, even thought this control was going to be lost in the not so distant future. My sisters and I would blame one another for everything that was the cause of why the music was not coming together. One time, the cellist, my twin, slammed her bow on her stand in aggravation and it broke. Silence. At that moment there was only a reaction of what was going to happen when the perceived “greater force” was going to find out. And we knew it was not going to get us out of having to do the practice. A new bow would be found and the time lost would be made up.

In a quartet, there is no competition, especially when it is forced and, in the moment, the practicing has to be done, so that one can go onto another thing. After all the fighting, the music came together. The four of us were working out the placing of the notes together. So wanting to be better than another is not something I remember ever being present.

I was listening to a news story yesterday, where the news announcer was asking some very educated economist why the international meeting was not really implementing solutions talked about, why there was so much idea of solution but so much political paralysis stopping any real final product of known needed outcome. If I think about my sisters and I, we had to go to the point of a finished working product, we had to play the piece, there was no “not” finding the place where all forces met in a workable whole.
But our present system does not allow a “working whole” because different parts are competing for, in fear of losing, control of some part of that whole. We know that we stop the solution of working together, every time we allow ourselves to fear loss and compete for the crumbs left behind by the money “lenders in the temple”. Our government, our system must realize that they are in essence like a quartet, where all the parts have to let go of their ego, let go of any and all desire for “standing out”, as though they have some idea of themselves as needing to be seen more than another in their delusion that they are somehow a GOD, and LISTEN to the other parts and BALANCE the medium they have to work with where the resonance of the sound is pure and not weighted in favor of one or the other.

As long as there are the money lenders deciding from some pedestal how the money is distributed, as long as the group is not balancing out the distribution in equal awareness in equal application, as long as the whole is not in the process of being aware of how the money should be distributed, the distribution of which allows equal distribution of resource, there will never be in existence the consideration of what is best for all.

As long as there is competition that is not directed towards producing a sound that is equally distributed and therefor “whole”, there will never be the consideration of what is best for all. As long as our system of capitalism, where capital is competitively grabbed by the few, there will be paralysis in our world. The illusion is that some need more than others, the illusion is that the resource of this earth can be owned by a few. The illusion is that the first violin should play louder than the second violin.

Greed IS paralysis. We do not exist as nature, real nature on this planet, because we are paralyzing the earth and all that is here, we are destroying this earth, we, by the very nature of belief that some would have more than others, are destroying ourselves as nature. We cannot ever really know what “sound” we can make until every single thing on this planet is “playing” equally, aware of the other players, the other players performing without ego, the other players performing without wanting or needing to stand as more.

For hundreds of years we have had international meetings that say one thing and do another, meetings that SAY they are solving the problems of the obvious destruction of this earth, and yet there exist a paralysis of what is here on this earth for all to see!

Even in a meeting, an interview on television, a comment is made that has been made before, “ throw the money lenders OUT”. The solution, to move towards what is best for all is right in front of our eyes.

Believing that a “special” leader is going to come and solve this for us is NEVER going to happen. We all have to stand and (play) say STOP. The power towards stopping paralysis is for ALL of us to stand up and “play” as consideration of the whole.

None of us can really learn to play until ALL of us can play.

Last week I had some competitive thoughts towards another. Inwardly, a paralysis occurred, a state of self doubt where I had to re-member to forgive myself and apply corrective application of the principle of what is best for all, of oneness in equality, of the other players on this earth that are a part of this whole that is earth, that can not manifest as life in the entirety of its potential as sound, just like a quartet, until all that is here is in a position where any and all performance is done considering the other, listening to the whole, being aware of the whole.

If one player in the collective hides their head in the sand we are lost. It will take ALL of us to stand and stop the paralysis that is the system of capitalism. A system, the system that we have here in this moment, where some parts of the world are playing and some parts of the world are hiding, and some parts of this world are dying. If one part is dying we are all dying because there is no stability until all are stable.
Apply the corrective application of the principle of oneness in equality and forgive your dis-honesty that is the self that believes someone else will stand to stop the abuse in this world.

Cleanse yourself through forgiveness, correct yourself through the principle of what is best for all/oneness in equality.

Join Desteni and walk the Desteni I Process.

Love your neighbor as yourself and learn what it means to play.Support and Equal Money System


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