Teach your children, teach yourself, earn an income.

When I was teaching children music I realized that having them once a week for 50 minutes was not going to be very effective. I needed them every day, even if it was just for half an hour. But this would cost the education system too much money, and even though there were posters all over the room listing the developmental benefits of music instruction, the understanding and application of these known benefits were not being applied.
In watching the children I used some of the Orff methods and belief of developing spatial and conceptual skills, focus and concentration and physical awareness applied to the inner space of self and the outer space of one’s surroundings.
The kids loved the various activities I employed. And what happened was that I realize that the school authorities didn’t know anything about music, so as I progressed I became more experimental. I was in a position for a few months, teaching for a pregnant mother on leave, so I figured why not take the philosophy of a system I admired and do what ever came to mind. One day the principle made a comment and said there was a lot more music coming from the music room.
I have never been one to sing, I always had to play the violin. By Friday, I was so exhausted I would go home and sleep and have a few beers. My last class on friday, was a fifth grade class I was trying to teach to sing a simple madrigal composed of two lines. Playing the piano part, and switching from one part to another to help the kids sing, and watch the behavior of the more disruptive element was almost not doable by Friday. Juggling all these various things, I almost could no longer hold. I needed the beer to get rid of the headache. On Friday.
But I did learn some things. And my voice slowly became stronger, and towards the end, after spending the weekend practicing the piano, because i hadn’t played piano in years, my voice started to be more resonant and sometimes this large sound would suddenly flow out and shock me. Had I continued another six months who know what would have happened, ma be the fifth graders would have learned the difference between a five chord and a 1 chord- which is what is supposed to be known by the end of fifth grade but it is not. The teachers believe it is too hard. Yet studies on music education reveal that children who study music perform in academics better than children who do no, overall.
The activities I was doing with the smaller children were to develop their sense of space, as I said before. In becoming aware of space, one then can learn to divide space, to name space, to conceptualize space. Music education does this. And this expansion of self into space, develops an awareness of the physical world and sound and the silent extendable sense of self into all that is here-so to speak.
In the process with the children, there were activities to develop and control the physical body, then to practice rhythms that divided space without the use of image, where the act of dividing space through sense as self. Onto this one added tone, meaning the individual notes/sounds of a scale, that could then be manipulated into song. So, in the end the awareness of body, timing, and “sound” were incorporated into one thing, without the use of image and with the sense of self expanding into self and form-so to speak.
This takes a lot of focus of the child, where the child has to take control of what they are and direct themselves. Is it any wonder why children that study music, as studies suggest, do better in school? In music they learn focus, and then the ability to focus improves confidence as focus is employed. Music is also like conceptualizing in practice, and children who study music have an easier time with learning new concepts as they move through their school years.
In one of the articles I will paste below, the children in a study had music everyday in school and their ability to do their school work was greater than the group who did not have music every day.
The study of music develops our sense of self within the whole by making us aware of space by the use of the very “sound” of ourselves, the ability of us to extend ourselves without the use of imagery. Conceptual ability is developed, as reveled in studies on the benefits of musical education.
So, parents of children who are concerned about the education of their child, have them study music, look into the Orff method of teaching music, which has fun and easy activities to do with your children, that do not necessarily need an expensive instrument or teacher to start music development. And one does not have to be a rocket scientist to understand the principles.

In many ways the Desteni I Process is similar. It is a system to sense the space of self, and to clean up all the emotions, and thoughts and beliefs, and ideas that have accumulated, in a resonant form within our human physical bodies. This process is extending oneself, just as a child extends to become aware of space in learning about music, into what one has accepted and allowed, that is all that the “space” around us as the present system has placed before us to continue what it is that benefits itself, so that the extension of ourselves is limited to concepts that do not include all that is here as life. We extend ourselves into a limited system of abuse, and in so doing perpetuate the system. Where we are so resonant with the system, maintained through all the images and systems around us, to which we have attached meaning ( God knows why……literally-LOL) that we are no longer the “sound” of ourselves reaching and expanding ourselves as awareness through conception of all that is here. And this resonance we exist as sucks the “sound “ of us dry until we die a death of “ no sound of self” . Do we want this for our children. Do we want this for that “substance” that is extendable as self, that is life to die? or do we want to sing and dance as self, as substance as life here as all as one as equal?
I taught both of my sons to play the violin. One continued into High School, where he eventually dropped the violin to study two languages, which he is not even using now. He did very well on his college entrance exams. And in the last year, now finishing his sophomore year in college, he has said he wants to play the violin again. My younger son has also said he wants to pick the violin up again. My younger son stopped playing in middle school. It was very difficult to make him play. Now he wants to play and he is about to enter college, and, he managed to get in the 89 percentile in his math scores. Which is very good for a child that was definitely not a disciplined student. I attribute the ability to focus with my children to the study of music.
Join the Desteni I Process and clean up the resonance of a world that does not consider what is best for all that is what we have become and stop what we all have accepted and allowed as a present abusive system of capitalism by standing up as all as one as equal in voting for an Equal Money System.
Join Desteni, dis-cover self and become the sound of equality. A development of self that can then be a means of financial stability through helping others to find themselves.
Thank you.



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