The corporate use of pre-emptive strike and retirement benefits

The corporate use of pre-emptive strike and retirement benefits.

I had come across the use of the pre-emptive strike used by lawyers hired by corporations to maintain their profits by passing laws that would stop certain activities before they happened. This was done with the lawn chemical business, where some Canadians had managed to ban the use of lawn chemicals, and in the process captured the attention of an American lawyer, who proceeded to create a pre-emptive strike in America that would stop the situation in Canada from happening in America, thereby “blocking” any American township from banning lawn chemicals, or making such an act very difficult, because an identical act would limit profits for the lawn chemical industry.
I won’t even mention that the Canadians had figured out that the chemicals they banned were causing harm to people, and probably plants and animals too.

Today I was looking into statistics on loss of retirement benefits and came across an article about the use of a pre-emptive to cut back on retirement benefits.

The following quote was taken from an article at:

“The company has taken the affirmative step of suing retirees in court to avoid continuing to provide benefits.  By pre-emptively suing retirees, rather than cutting off benefits and waiting for retirees to sue, the company has the opportunity to choose a forum it believes is most favorable to it.  They, and other employers, have alleged that “lifetime” benefits really doesn’t mean the life of the employee.  Instead, they assert,  it means the life of the contract, which probably expired years ago. ”

One interpretation upon entering a job, another when it is time to leave. Which means that nothing is safe, nothing is stable. The only thing that is here in this present existence is profit making. One can work and remain in a job only to find that what was expected has been changed and reinterpreted.

In an equal money system there would be no need for lawyers running around “affirming” profitable practices by reinterpreting contract wording. Every person on this planet would be given money to provide a dignified life from birth until death.

Why are we allowing such practices to exist? Is this really the existence we want here? Do we believe that there is nothing that can be done about this? We are all here in a physical body, a body that can speak, and stand and VOTE. It really is very simple.

And we clear out the resonance of fear that speaks as the mind, as thought, that tells us that this is impossible, and I can’t, and/or in silent voices “is waiting for someone else to do this for them”. Please, at the very least, start forgiving those voices in the head that say this is impossible and dis-cover the power of your self. It is there. Join the Desteni I Process, start writing about the abuse you know is here on this planet.
Leave this earth knowing a life of dignity awaits those left behind.


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