chamber maids, weight loss and being the mind as burden.

My twin sister called me today and told me about a study she had read about the effects of what occupies our minds and influences our bodies. This study had taken a group of chamber maids and asked them to think about what they were doing as they moved through their day cleaning rooms. The ten participants did this, instead of going to work thinking of work as a burden, they thought about how they moved physically, they became aware of bending and reaching, and lifting. Every single one of the chamber maids lost ten pounds. Every single one. They stopped thinking about their job, they stopped thinking and worrying and judging what they were doing and concentrated on what they were doing in and as their physical bodies and lost ten pounds.
My sister then proceeded to say that this was really common sense.
So, I said to her, this is the desteni group
A group of people standing together realizing in common sense how we are existing here on this earth, what we are doing to ourselves in and as minds that judge and worry and fear and survive instead of being here.
Stop the mind, use common sense and be here. Realize what we are here in and as the physical.


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