Bullying in our schools and in the work place is a reflection of Capitalism

The desteni group stands for oneness in equality, where the resources of this earth are used to support ourselves as life. Presently, our system supports a few, and leaves us to exist in self dishonesty which we allow, to place our focus and attention on making money. All that is forced on us to believe is the way and means of making money. We transform ourselves into 
Ken and Barbie dolls in order to play the part, the part we have allowed our selves to be in order to survive. In this we have become organic robots, so concerned with how we appear in manner and in dress that we do not consider the whole. We do not consider all that is happening on this planet. We do not even look past our behavior to discover the cause. What we are is right in front of us. Having money comes first, and life is second.

Yesterday, in reading an article on bullying in schools, it is known that children often exhibit learned behavior, that which they have at home.
1 in 4 report bullying
at Mass. schools

“These children are learning [violent behavior] in their families and behaving the same way in their social relationships with their peers,’’ said Elizabeth Englander, a psychology professor at Bridgewater State University and director of the Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center, which conducts research and runs antibullying programs in many public schools.

Now, if we have a system of debt, where it is impossible for all the people that have debt to be able to repay that debt because there is more debt than money, then what are we going to have in some of our homes? Are we going to have calm parents that exhibit warmth and caring? or are we going to have parents who are fearing making the next payment on a debt in order to survive, and who see no way out? Parents who drink to escape the pressure of survival? Survival in a system that WANTS people on a line where they will eventually fall in death because their focus is on money and survival instead of on life.

And these psychologists think that anti-bullying policies and laws in schools are going to stop this behavior!? This does not answer the cause of the problem. These kinds of policies have been placed on the stage for a while now and they have not stopped the bullying. Bullying is merely a form of survival in the current money system and nothing else. Change the money system and bullying will stop. It really is very simple.

We even understand that bullying is the build up of what we believe that is reflected in our personality,
“we must understand the personality and behavioral characteristics which predispose children to be involved in bullying. Although genetics and temperament are known to play important roles in a variety of behaviors, family characteristics are also important because many behaviors engaged in by children are learned through their interactions with parents and siblings.”,
and that the values of the family are an indication of their environment,
“The aggressiveness of the bully is not only tolerated by the parents but may be a reflection of the bully’s family values and family environment (10).” .
How have we allowed these values, that we admit create our environment? Could it be that our values as a society are what is our environment, that the blame cannot be placed on individual families, families that are burdened with self dishonesty as they follow what has been taught as “value” in our society as that of money? That which distributes the resources of the earth as profit before life support?
“All parents should strive to avoid over or under protecting their children, to be as consistently warm and loving as possible, and to reduce their own aggressive behaviors”
This ending to the above article directs how we should be to the family. But what about the earth and its inhabitants as family? We are, on one level- since we are creating levels here- one big family sharing this earth. And yet it is stated in articles in the newspapers of major cities that we should “reduce” aggressive behaviors.
Yet our actions towards this earth, in the absence of what is best for all, thinks aggressively of only making profit, of only thinking how money can be made from the earth. There is no “warm and loving” action in support of what is best for all being done by our present system.

Below is a web site of statistics on bullying in the workplace. This also is quite extensive.
According to this study, bullying in the work place is costing business a lot of money, and this is decreasing the investment value, which means the investors are losing profit. Again, it is suggested that the managers learn better managing skills, learn to be more “warm and loving”. And yet this article suggests that many managers bully because they sense the person they are bullying is a threat. The manager does not want to lose his job, his source of income, because the game, that we allow to exist here, is survival. If one does not have money one does not survive. I wonder if those children that are bullying are facing a father watching a younger and very competent worker rise up in the ranks at work? Where dad is doing everything necessary to survive in this present system that says money first, life second.
After all, even this focus on bullying is to serve the purpose of the profits of a company.
It is like, we are being told we are bad, and we need to stop, but meanwhile if being good means that I will no longer have a roof over my head and I have no money, I think I would rather survive.
Change our present system of money before life and the bullying will stop. Pointing the finger and saying “be warm and loving” in a system of money first is not going to do it.
Stand and support an equal money system. Stop bullying. Stop the manipulation through guilt that is proposed by the system that is only seeking its best interests- money/profit.


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One Response to Bullying in our schools and in the work place is a reflection of Capitalism

  1. rebeccakarlendalmas says:

    Sound like you described capitalism and its indifference to life, a system we all accept and allow. We allow “some who think they are elite by accident of birth”.
    The point is to stand up and say STOP! and to solve the existence of this behavior and persona. The article clearly states that our behavior is based on our beliefs, the very persona of ourselves is what we have learned from society. We are all walking reflections of what we as people allow to exist, of which you described so well.
    We have to stop this and start again. To avoid complete chaos, use of what is here to stop this survival based behavior/persona/belief system is to stop the need for survival, and distribute resource for all to lead a dignified life. Money can be used as a tool for equal distribution of resource.
    Life first. We have made money our god, and not life.
    Go to and as you read suspend your beliefs for a few minutes, see what happens if you step outside the persona that is your beliefs. At the very least it would be an interesting exercise. : ) After all isn’t that what you would want the elites you speak of to do?

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