The real solution to long term and short term debt reduction is ending our existence as war.

According to President Obama, our American budget has to diminish the present debt, both long term and short term, meaning that programs have to be cut back..
According to data presented by some, almost half of our budget is used for war, where some collected pools of data suggest that even as much as 60% of the American government budget is used for war. So, basically we are at war, if one considers what this really means, that we spend an incredible amount of our resources supporting war – resources being not only our tax dollars going to pay for the “toys” of combat, but the human being as mover of the “toys” of war and all the organization required to play the “toys” of war on the playing field. If one were to stand back and take a bird’s eye view, one might think that we, as a country are spending an awe-ful lot of time in war mode instead of in life-mode.
This reminds me of learning to play the violin, where, for a long time, I concentrated on the notes I was playing. I never stopped to consider the SPACE between the notes. When I added an awareness of the space between the notes everything changed. I was no longer as fearful, because I realized that there was this infinite amount of time to sense the notes. This then led to thinking about all the spaces I had never considered. I continue with this looking at the space, the space as being here with the notes, as though more is less, or space is of substance that allows grounding, so to speak.
And I realize that in talking with people, sometimes adding the “space”, as in looking towards more than what appears to be the only thing present, the only thing present being what is “on the table” in a discussion, that this adding of space is not what is desired. As in playing the violin, where this expanded and aided my ability to play, this adding of space- so to speak- limits what is desired as what is “on the table”.
So, the government, in talking about what America needs to do to diminish debt, does not really look, or consider all the space of what is actually there that is being supported by the American dollar. Should America, as Americans , actually look at what we are doing, from a bird’s eye view, and look at how we exist and realize that there is perhaps another way, another means of living and playing possible in this world, by allowing and considering, by not presenting only one thing at a time, we might actually stop what is happening. If Americans were aware of how each dollar was moved around, they might actually stand up and say stop! So looking at the totality of the space here, as what and how we are, we might actually wake up.
I read to day, as well, that our high school students are falling behind in their skills in relation to other countries, and that many young men and women entering the armed services cannot read well. And I thought about my two sons and how they were mot allowed to get a loan for college unless they signed up for the armed services. I actually had the thought that the American government realizes that should we go to war the only place they are going to find people that have some ability to process information are those that are going onto college. Which means that our government is well aware of the condition of the student body of American high school graduates. And yet, instead of redirecting money into developing a better system, they force college bound students to sign up if they need funding for college. I don’t remember this being a condition when I went to college.
But this state of our country, spending so much on war, and manipulating the system of voluntary draft, into forced draft if one wants to get a “better” education to survive on more than minimum wage, is deceptive. It deceives the American people, stuck in survival mode, but we allow this because we are not looking at the space, at all that is here in the space, in what is left out in the words presented. And many of us fear doing this even if we do realize what is going on.
This fear must be illusive if so much is left out, otherwise why bother to leave it out? In actual physical fact, we as a collective have the power to stop this. We simply stand up, as all as one as equal and say STOP. With all the technology available today, and the percentage of people utilizing this technology of mass communication and information transfer, we have the means to stand up together, which is where our power to change this war country, this system of forced draft to support a large amount of our focus on war.
So, America, and Mr. President how about standing up for an equal money system, where life is supported before the profits of the sale of war products and the loot gained- for more profit- that is war?
Start looking at what is happening here, step back from the words presented and realize, beyond your fear , for one moment, what we are doing here with the American budget.
If anyone says, as response, in irritation that what is being discussed as the matter at hand, the singular “note” , then respond with, “what else is there but to consider the whole? That in considering the whole nothing is left out, that in considering all the space, the sound, that is life, can actually be played, can actually manifest. That which is best for all can actually be what we are here on earth and not a single expression in and as war. That which, as some have indicated in their research, is up to 60% of the American budget.
The solution is to stop ourselves as being “war”, which we allow, and to use the resource of this earth to support life. This requires us to stand and change this outer world of war, and our own inner world of fear. The solution to this is to support an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM and to forgive ourselves for our own accumulated fears, fears developed by our minds as thoughts and beliefs and ideas. Our conditioning by our society and our social structure, a culture built on ideas and beliefs that build our personas and personalities that create superstitious guides that do not consider the whole. We have been at war and we are all trained to be in survival mode. In order for there to be a leader, there must be followers. This is what war is, the following of a belief instead of the being of life.
Join and stand up as self as life. Become aware of more than what is presented by the shepherd.


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One Response to The real solution to long term and short term debt reduction is ending our existence as war.

  1. Randy Krafft says:

    Excellent, Rebecca. If only we would all take that “bird’s eye view” to see just how fucked up we’ve accepted and allowed our world to become, living as part of the war machine instead of supporting all life equally.

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