American Military Budget and Tax Dollars

Today at the post office I met a 92 year old woman handing out fliers and had a talk with her. She promptly handed me the flier and said that we all have to become aware of what is really going on and that we are all alone, each one of us, that everything we do we do alone, that the solution to stop what is going on with our government is to make people aware of what is going on.

This coming from a woman who has lived her life and has realized that, as she said, awareness is what makes people stand. Standing together as one, standing and saying stop, with out finger pointing, with out blame, with out thinking someone else if going to do the standing for us.

This is what how our government spends those tax dollars due by Americans today.

I will list a link to the name of the group that produced the flier with this information below.


Non Military: 52% and $ 1,475 Billion

Military: 48% and $ 1,372 Billion

According to the site the government combined Trust Funds ( Social Security ) and Federal Funds during the Vietnam War which hid military spending in “human needs” spending.

Think of all the resource needed to support this, think of all the people whose needs are ignored to support this game, this abuse of life? All, so that someone can control another.

As long as there are sheep following a shepherd, no one is standing alone as them self as what is best for all. Find your self , stand as all as one as equal , here. Become a “1” standing next to and not apart from another “1” until we are standing together as one all as equal. Where there are no shepherds and no wars, where the resource of this earth supports life.

Become “1” .
Join The Equal Life Foundation
Cleanse the “sheep” within through the Desteni I Process and earn an income supporting others to do the same.


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