Standing side by side

I asked myself if my sisters would ever consider the desteni I process, and I thought , that though capable, their arrogance would stop them. But this is my self talking to my self. And I have noticed my own arrogance.
I have competitive thoughts pop up all the time. And comparisons to others, and the fears that I am not as good etc. All these “thoughts” eventually create the anxiety and nervousness within my self, because they are a judgement of what is around me and of my self. I am my own anxiousness, I am the creator of my own anxiousness.
And it all is fear based. And the fear is an illusion, a stagnant thing that does not include any movement. This has been said many times , and that is just it, it is one thing to say this and another to realize this every time a comparison or judgement is made. And the comparison is made because of the fear that one is not equal to something else, that one is somehow behind another, or support in wanting to stay ahead of another, in both scenarios one is not standing side by side, working together, being equal. Interesting how it matches the mathematical formula 1+1, where the symbols are actually standing side by side , together as one formula. LOL
So, when I found the fear in looking at my arrogance, my wanting to be right , I realized that I was no longer remembering the standing of my self as side by side , as being equal.

There really is nothing to lose when standing side by side.

In all the systems that exist, the health system, the government system, our social systems, and the education systems, no one is standing side by side, the stance is usually from another place, ahead of, or behind. And the real depth, is in standing side by side, is in standing together as all as one as equal.


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