There was this thunder last night like I have never experienced in my life. I thought it was an earthquake. The longest, most intense rolling thunder. I never knew thunder could, as a single thunder, sound for so long!
So, when I was in the local store today I asked about it and the cashier said that everyone had been talking about it.

The other talk was about how a mother who took three of her four children and drove with them into the ocean. She had dropped off her ten year old child, who immediately ran to the police, but by the time the police found her, she and her children had been under water for hours.

The earth is acting in ways I have never seen, and fathers and mothers are killing themselves and their children.

There are people who just don’t want to play this game of survival here on this earth anymore. I think I read about this family caused death scenario every week. And this system we allow, this system of survival, where life is not considered, where our absolute unconditional self expression is suppressed, and in this suppression that we humans allow, we include all the forms of life that are here on this earth.

The present system of money as it is used to create debt and the fears of survival is an atrocity. Life before profit.

To stop the indoctrination that supports this as our expression one must forgive oneself and stand as all as one as equal. One must speak and sound this forgiveness, sound the words as the words were what indoctrinated, the words and the images that are what we exist as in and as our minds. Everything of the mind is a mirror of the present use of money to force only the need to survive, where nothing else is considered but profit and survival.

Every woman, man and child that is killed is a product of what each and every human has accepted and allowed as the present system of profit and survival. Fighting these systems has not changed them, we must all stand up and say enough! The peaceful solution is to vote for an equal money system. Even Martin Luther King realized this at the end of his life. There is no stability until all are stable. We spend our lives worrying about our own stability.

And this worry has gone on for so long we resonate with it, and it consumes us and sucks us try until we die, until we kill ourselves as shriveled, wrinkly, old smelly decaying people, who can barley breath and barely walk, or some cancerous growth eats away at our bodies. And this is no one’s fault but our own, we become what we are on the inside, reflecting what we have allowed on the outside as the way our present system functions.

There is a way to stop this. To stop this massive murder we allow, because we are responsible for how we exist, and the world is showing us.

Start the process of self forgiveness. Start the process of standing and being one vote for an equal money system.

Join Desteni. Become a Destonian. Forgive yourself for what you have accepted and allowed.

Since I began forgiving my self, I laugh more, I don’t think I got sick this winter. I am more patient, less angry. I begin to see how reaction is abuse, how reaction fuels emotion in another, to no end, just more emotion, more polarity of my self as some idea, where I am a condition and not life.

Being so angry and fed-up to the point where children are drowned by being driven into the ocean is not living, it is only dying. We are doing the same to ourselves on the inside. We are not really alive until all are alive. We are not stable until all are stable.

Start the Desteni I Process.
Join the Equal Life Foundation and become one vote for an Equal Money System.


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  1. Cool share, Thanks Rebecca

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