My son came to me

My son came to me last night, telling me he was really disturbed.
Evidently, there was talk going around in his school about a group of people in the UK actively searching for what they considered “weak” people, to kill. My son was incredulous? curious? non-believing?, I can;t really speak for him. He went and searched for the video. And he found one. There are supposed to be 21 according to the talk at his school.
He said the video was thirty minutes long and it was of a man having his face bashed in with a sledge hammer, he even went on to say it took a long time for the man to die, that the dying man struggled to breath for quite some time. Even this morning, my son was walking around saying he could not believe this existed, and how brutal it was.
I said to him that , yes, the mind is brutal, that the systems as we allow them to exist are brutal. The mind works the same way as what we allow in this world that creates frustration and greed and a complete disregard, or lack of awareness of life. That when one is their mind, where something is more than another because the mind is leading one up a ladder in separation of life in the limited focus of the level one is within as a spot on a grid.
That perhaps these people were killing because they were so removed from themselves as life, because all they could see was a life of pushing papers, of monotonous labor, where taxes and bills are paid but there is never any room for something of unconditional self expression because of anxiety and anger at the nothingness that lies ahead as this existence within the current system. The actions of these killers is no different than what they see as that which is happening within them. They are killing themselves as life. As within so without.
Though I do not condone this behavior, my point is to say that it is what we as people on this planet are reflecting into the physical, that which we truly exist as. The actions of these people are telling us that this is indeed – in DEED what we all are doing here. We are killing our true expression, we are killing, we are destroying, we are taking sledge hammers and bashing in , via our minds, any opportunity of being life.
If we continue to accept the systems of limitation, controlled through how money and resource are distributed presently, such manifestations that reflect our acceptances and allowances will continue.
We must begin to realize that we, as humans, are actually a singular expression, that what each and every one of us allows in another that does not consider what is best for all is no different than ourselves individually accepting and allowing.
Unless we all stand up and realize that treating our neighbors is no different than how we treat ourselves we are doomed to the existence of people bashing heads in with sledge hammers.

A first step solution, to immediately stop much of the abuse that exists is to vote for an Equal Money system.
As, well, the mind that allows such horrific non-consideration of life, is to forgive any and all thoughts, emotions and feelings maintaining the ladder on the pyramid-the hierarchy, where “conditions” separate awareness of life. where unconditional presence as life, that which realizes all as one as equal is conditioned to follow religion, culture, government- collected and enslaving beliefs, ideas , opinions. The propagation of superficial-never satisfying -desires.
Join the DESTENI I PROCESS and walk the process to realize the self as all as one as equal. No one is going to do this for us. We must walk this. There is no other way, nor should there be because we have accepted this and allowed this and must clean up our own mess. Remove the masks of desire and stand as the presence of self.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to not stand as my self, as life as all as one as equal
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to desire
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to have become my mind where all I am aware of, in and as my mind, is the next step on the ladder of seeming success and desire.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to have not realized that I am all as one as equal to what exists here on this earth, that I am equal to the abuse I have accepted and allowed through not standing up as all as one as equal.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to allow my desire to be what leads my self instead of realizing that my desire is based on an idea, an illusion that I allowed to direct my self here instead of remaining as my self as unconditional self expression where all is considered as equal and one to me.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to not stop the mind in every moment with every breath as any and all fear and desire that does not consider what is best for all but only my own needs that are of belief and not of life.
I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to not realize that all the abuse that exists on this earth is what I have accepted and allowed.
I forgive myself for not realizing that all the abuse that exists here on this earth is what I have accepted and allowed, therefor I am one and equal to this abuse.
I am here
I am life
I breath
With each breath I stand and walk to free my self of the mind, to stand as what is best for all.
I do not allow desire to be what directs me.


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