Sometimes I get stuck in speaking up because I must speak against “niceness”. And I think about what someone once said to me, that the word “nice” meant insipid at one time. Then I think about how we hide from our selves through an idea of what is good within our society. But these “godnesses/goodnesses” taught to us are what actually traps us into inaction towards what is best for all, trap us in following an expression of “goodness” instead of an expression of ourselves as what is best for all, which is what is best for us. We are actually trapped behind goodness. We allow an outer voice of “godness/goodness” to move us into social structure, religion, government regulation. Oh, if I don’t become this “goodness” that I am being told I must be then I will no longer be good!
But it is this “goodness” that is insipid, this “niceness” because it considers only one aspect at a time, it is placed before family, or before paying taxes, or before some immediate required action that must be made in haste otherwise “badness” will happen. So, “niceness” and “goodness” are used to keep us within our circles of our immediate environment, that which only our eyes see, without opportunity to include a bigger picture, with out the opportunity to see beyond the immediate situation wanting “goodness” and “niceness” where this act of good actually hides the detriment caused through lack of consideration of the act on a broader scale. But the pressure in the moment is hard to stop, the pressure to say no to “niceness” is hard to stop, the fear of not being “good” and or “nice” because respect of standing might be lost.
It is the same in not following another’s point of view. If I reject another’s system of thought I am not including them – another, insipid, social condition propagated in society today, and also, within the family role hierarchy.
I would be considered, non-inclusive should I not be”nice” and accept another’s point of view. And in the immediacy of the conversation, should I express anything but “niceness” , which is my self being accepted, being inclusive, I might be then labeled as inconsiderate. The irony is, that perhaps I am more considerate than another, because I am actually trying to consider what is best for all and not what I have been told to consider as social custom, social custom being a momentary civil action, facade, presentation of agreement and “niceness” that does not consider things outside the words spoken as lacking consideration of what is best for all. The moment I find my self being agreeable, for the sake of agreeing which is the present social custom, I am the bubble of the facade-considerate words and not my self. I have abdicated all my power to the facade and am no longer considering what is best for all.
The fear of not joining in as “niceness” and “goodness” to a facade, is also not being the “will” of what is best for all, the fear being another illusion, that of death. Neither of these two actions or “states” are actual living, are actual consideration of what is best for all. Is there a place where the will is steady and considerate of what is best for all at all times, in every moment? Is this very same will, that which has the courage to stand and stop insipid “niceness”? that “goodness” that suppresses what is best for all for a social fix of “goodness/godness” ? This, also, insipid desire for validation as being “goodness/godness/niceness” a “proper” facade, in a moment where one can go home a say, “ I have been good today”. We move like molasses with our little checks and balances of distributed “goodness” and “niceness” but there is never any continued “goodness” and “niceness”, it is only regulated in tiny amounts.
Sound a lot like our present money situation, our present resource distribution?

( My imagination runs rampant; Imagine being a penis and all one can do is dribble their piss, wouldn’t it be nice to have a constant full stream of piss?????) In other words, to be more “nice” wouldn’t constant “goodness” be better than the dribble we exist as?

Even in this, there are those who NEVER have even one little titillating moment of being “goodness” or “niceness” because they are too busy starving to death.

In the west we get LOTS of these moments to be “nice”, just like we get LOTS of money to spend on more than we really need to survive. And survive we do, but not as ourselves, as the facade that does momentary acts of kindness, thinking that this is “goodness”.

Behind all these singular strings of “goodnesses” is hidden the evil of the movement of ourselves as what we really are. Endless bubbles of happy “goodness” surrounded by abuse and waste and destruction and no awareness that our “goodnesses” are not real because they do not consider what is best for all.


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