12% increase vs. wages “that have not increases for a generation”

It’s Good to Be the King: CEO Pay Up Big 2010, Not So Much For the Average Worker
By Peter Gorenstein | Daily Ticker – 1 hour 57 minutes ago

According to a recent article the increase in wages for the big CEO’s increased 12% whereas the wages of the average middle class worker have not increased for a generation.

These CEO”s are the movers and the shakers of the earth’s natural resources, that which belongs to the earth and all that is of the earth.

Why is this planet and all that exist here not being taken care of? Why is life not being considered first?

In not considering life first we are destroying ourselves.

Join the Equal LIfe Foundation and vote for an Equal Money System.

Remove greed and lust and spite and fear through the Desteni I Process. Let’s start taking care of life.



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