Taxes are due this week. I have to go and reconfigure payments.

I realized that, let’s say my son has an orphan pension of 15$ and I have to pay about 3$ in tax on this money. And I have to use this to pay for college. So I pay 3$ of this 15$ for tax, then the system has me take out a loan of 3$ which i have to, because I have too much money, to immediately pay interest on the minute the loan starts.
So, I am being taxed-losts of paper work- on money for a child-that I have to separate from household income-that is going to school-where I have to then take out loans that charge interest, which is a government loan, so it really is another form of taxation.
The whole system pushes debt, even the government. In my case I am right on the cut off line, the line where services of government aid are available.
One time I was talking to a government worker about the health insurance “cut off” standards. And I said to the woman that expecting someone who is on their cut off line to be able to make the payments was ludicrous, she completely agreed and she said that the “cut off” line was where the majority of people in America were.
Which reminds me of another government ad. A politician ran an ad about how some retirees had to live in the cold, had to keep the heat in their homes at 60 degrees all winter because they , with their pensions-fixed income- could not afford to keep the heat higher, therefor they needed government aid and this politician was going to help them should he be elected. So, I went around and asked every person I knew what they kept their heat at. And many, many, said they kept their heat at 60 degrees! The average American trying to keep within a budget keeps their heat at 60 degrees. I bet all these Americans are on the “cut off” line. Later, I noticed the ad took out many details and simply said the elderly needed help, which I thought was interesting.
Americans realize and do not realize what is actually happening. The government worker I spoke with agreed that the system was a mess, and people in my community are merely apathetic and concentrate on surviving, if anything find ways to make their money go farther. I know many heat their houses with wood, grow their own vegetables and wear layers of clothing in the winter.

This tax system, this government system in America creates layers of paper work and layers of taxation, and presents a “helping” hand while the other hand is creating and collecting debt from the majority that avoid using the systems because they have learned this is the only way to survive. And we know this, we understand this, yet we do not stand up.
An equal money system would end all this, would stop all these layers of money manipulation and presentations of the good that will be done that is really an illusion. Even the money spent to support the illusion could be put to a better use.
But it is not going to happen unless everyone stands up, unless we stop allowing this system to exist, it exists because we allow it. Our power is in being one, in being all as one as equal, our power is in realizing that collectively, we physically have the power to change this, and change this in a peaceful way. Any chaos that might ensue in such a change is not really going to be any greater than the chaos that already exists!

Just as we have these layered illusions that we believe to be real, surrounding us through government and corporate action, so too, do we allow what we fear and believe within ourselves via our thoughts that create our emotions and feelings that compound. Pretty soon these fears act out and they collapse us on an individual level, in disease, in emotional storms, in aging, in physical weakness. What we exist as on an emotional level is a reflection of the systems that find ways to burden us with taxation and system navigation and debt. The crumbling of our economy is that of a burden too big to be supported by the foundation for which it was created. The same thing happens within ourselves via our thoughts.

There are solutions to these “outer” and “inner” burdens, these things we allow to exist. We accept the system collectively. We listen to all the things we are told to believe, we are told we desire, we are told we
want, but many times ( and if one took a good look) when we get these things we have allowed ourselves to want because we were told we should want them as children, we find that they do not really satisfy us, and then we become old and wonder what the fuck we did!

The solution to this “outer” problem is an equal money system, is to realize that all resources of this earth are here for all of us, NOT a few to use for the profit of one, but for the expression of ALL AS ONE as equal.

And the expression of each of us, as ourselves is that which will satisfy, which is the real self, buried under payers/layers of belief, imposed belief, allowed belief through religion and culture. This inner burden can be forgiven as it was given, through forgiveness, self forgiveness, through the spoken and written word, which, if one again LOOKS one will see this. The Desteni I Process,, is the walking of this forgiveness, is the peeling away of these inner layers that suck the life from our bodies until we age, until we are so weak our foundation/ our bodies collapse.



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