Let go the fear and judgement and take a direction.

Seeing potential in every moment instead of the emotion, thought and feelings I faced head on yesterday. I had a conversation with another person where I was frustrated and not getting what I wanted. The other person said to me that they were “trying to have a conversation with me” and I said no they were not, they were trying to con-vince me of their verse. They stopped and then said , well, what do you want? I brought myself back from the irritation I was existing as and returned to the reason I was standing in front of this person in the first place, and stated what I wanted and was given what I wanted. It is so easy, yet so damaging and confusing to be caught up in petty emotions and should have and would haves etc. because I feared losing somehting and forget that which is the fulfillment of the potential to expand in awareness. I was caught in time, in emotions and judgements and frustrations and irritations and feeling I was being “picked on” mis-judged and unloved – I could go on and on. But i remembered space-so to speak- remembered direction, movement-life actually being instead of stewing in some energetic possession where I was caught in one dimension in and as an enotional/emotional ( I wrote e-notional so I left it, but one could say I was of a “notion”, a singular enslaving “notion” ) reaction that had attached to it a thought of more than or less than, I was in fear. Somehow, everything stopped, and I think this person I was talking with brought me back when she asked me what I wanted, she stepped outside the loop. And this takes two, this takes 1 + 1, we both stepped outside our mind storm and returned to taking a direction.
So, today, I am wanting to realize that keeping my self on the ever present “potential”, in a person or a situation, including an awareness of the physical and the expression of movement between and in each thing I encounter here, where emotion and ego stop all sight of potential, this place where life is potent.
This potential is always there, ever present. Even with the interactions of people throughout my life, awareness, the potential for this is given. As though I have also received affirmations in the mix of seeming limitation. I just didn’t realize them because I was lost in some emotion. But many of them I have with me, because they are me, they are where I stopped and allowed my self to direct my self as life and not as emotion, not as fear.


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