space/ time

I am driving with my son in the car today and trying to figure out how to answer his questions about the mind. Most of the time I feel like I fall so short, but I want him to be able to stand as himself and it is so frustrating because I can’t ask him to do what I am my self not able to do, or even believe I can do.I would then be a lie, and martyrdom is just another form of justification and masturbation really. Believe me, I feel like saying FUCK half the time. There really are no excuses. And Dad if you are reading this, of all the people in my world YOU KNOW what I mean.

Anyway, I thought of space/time. I was talking my way through something and realized that I could either stay in my mind and measure away in judgement and attach emotion and feeling to each singular side of a measure and create a “matter with something” or I could ad some “space”. Space being the remembrance that we are all as one as equal, that the only thing there really is is absolute purpose as expression of life.
In this depth there is no such thing as rejection, there is no such thing as a mistake, there is no such thing as missing something, because life, that which we are is always here, life surrounds us offering awareness, the physical offers us the ability to expand as awareness. That is absolute purpose.
So, if someone chooses to remain as the measure of their mind, there is no sadness necessary, there is no reaction necessary, there is no fear of missing them. Eventually they will expand beyond the measure of their mind. They will realize the space beyond the measuredness of our present system, that which contains the lack of awareness of equality until it is ready to realize.
There is nothing lost or missed because everything is here, in every moment. The space of this discovery, this discovery of space from this measured place of time…. WOW

Who would want to be a martyr?


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