How can an impoverished country have a billionaire????

If a country has a billionaire, even one,and his income source is dependent on the resources of the country this would mean that the country has resource. And that this country has the means to take care of itself, either through production of its own means for a dignified life, or the use of the specific resource it has to trade for what resource it might lack.
So, if a billionaire exists in ANY country and uses ANY of the resources of this country and yet this country has ANY kind of lack in its quality of life there exists only one sense,one desire and no common sense.
This earth on which we walk belongs to ALL of us people! WAKE UP! We are allowing, through some drug induced belief, that that which we stand on, this earth, is not a part of us. We have separated ourselves from what is actually here. We have separated ourselves from the actual, physical ground on which we walk. We have allowed another being, that is no different from ourselves to tell us that we need to pay to walk on the ground beneath our feet. Who decided this?????
This is where the power of the physical as what is real comes in, in all common sense. This earth IS COMMON GROUND, that one person should reap this earth for their own means does not consider everyone. The billionaire in the end will die, and he will not take with him what he has forcibly established through some “idea” imposed, and we have allowed this imposition, upon us. That a person who has lead us to believe that we need pay him to walk on the surface of this earth is insane and of no common sense because, were he such a GOD that he poses as, he would be able to take what he has named as belonging to him with him in death. But he cannot, he cannot take the physical with him, BECAUSE IT DOES NOT REALLY BELONG TO HIM! The illusion of how we live is so obvious in this.
SO, in all common sense what is here belongs to all as the physical. It is only a belief that allows resource to be cloistered by the few, where walls are built to hide this fact.
Being a billionaire is a crime we all participate in when we do not stand up and collectively stop this separation from the ground we walk on.


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