Economic regulation in the guise of a public health measure.

The raw milk scene in America is being attacked on all fronts and in every state by the federal government, the same government that studied the effects of raw milk verses pasteurized milk in the 1930’s and 40’s and found that children that drank raw milk ( and rats as well) were calmer and more willing to be hugged. Rats fed pasteurized milk were not friendly, did not like to be held.

Obviously, from these studies, the choice of processed milk is not about health benefits. The article below realizes that the regulations imposed on the existence of raw milk have nothing to do with health and everything to do with the economics involved.

If more than 9 million people are now buying raw milk, milk that comes from small independent farmers and sold directly to the consumer, this is A LOT of money that is not going into the pockets of the large dairy companies selling processed milk.

“A 2008 survey conducted by CDC indicates, at that time, that there were over nine million raw milk drinkers; the number has only increased since. With this many people drinking raw milk, the number of foodborne illness outbreaks attributable to it does not represent the public health crisis FDA claims. The federal interstate ban is becoming increasingly indefensible. Unfortunately, the executive and legislative branches have failed to take a look at whether the ban should be lifted even though both have had chances to do so. Over two years ago, Mark McAfee of Organic Pastures Dairy Company filed a petition with FDA to partially lift the ban by allowing the shipment of raw milk from one state where the sale was legal to another state with a similar law. By law, FDA was required to respond to the petition no more than six months from the time it was filed; to this day, McAfee has received no answer from the agency.

In the last session of Congress, Rep. Ron Paul introduced a bill (HR 778) that would have effectively lifted the ban. HR 778 was assigned to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce where committee chair Henry Waxman, who had no intention of giving the bill a hearing, buried it. Judge Bennett now has an opportunity to rule against a law that is really an economic regulation in the guise of a public health measure.”

Obviously, a handful of lawyers and people questioning government practices will simply be ignored. What is needed is for everyone to become aware of what is going on in this world, of what is being accepted and allowed, and then to stand up and say STOP. Congratulating someone who is at least attempting to stand is not enough, thinking someone else will do the standing is not enough. We all have to stand.

If one thinks the big “electronic eye” of our government has what is best for all as its guiding principle, it is time to pull your head out of the sand. What guides the “regulators” is MONEY and not LIFE.


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