As an American

I realize that I, if I go about my daily business, here where I live and become involved in clubs and friends etc. I would have no awareness of what is really going on in the world.
Yes, I might randomly hear about a murder of a robbery. I would know that there were political struggles in other countries, but unless I went and read and investigated further I would not really be aware of this world.
It is so easy here to only be involved in the emotional dramas with the people in my immediate circle.

It is interesting that the part of the world that uses most of the earth’s resources, that have what more than most of the world has, are so locked in their own drama’s. And every thing presented to us keeps us locked in these emotional games.

Our movies are about relationships, we have soap operas devoted to the emotional drama’s of a circle of people. And dramas that focus on the struggle within a larger “epic” situation, like war, or political unrest. The larger context of the world is touched on but the emotions of the “star” are center stage.

Even when talking with people, questions asked that are not wanted are eventually dealt with through a defensive, “you hurt MY feelings”.

I have had this problem when dealing with bureaucracies. If I ask too many questions I notice a switch from the collective to the personal as defense.

Our personal lives are shielding us from the life of the collective, the life as it really exists here on earth. And this is supported through the media and the news.

And within this we have no idea how limited out personal lives have become, how truly superficial we really are, how we exist as “many faces” yet have not one face of any real substance.

This is what Desteni is about. Stopping the superficial and allowing the substance that is life be what is here for all. Real substance is being aware of all that is here, is loving your neighbor as yourself.



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  1. Common sense here! Thanks Rebecca

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