The removal of the images of the worker.

In some offices of the state in the state of Maine, in America, a mural – an image, of workers was removed from the office wall. The images were of the plebeians , that are the workers of the world doing things collectively, one was of two men placing ballots in a box.

Reminds me of the French Revolution, where many of the painters of the time, as I was taught, used images to incite the masses into the revolution where many heads were cut off. The people of France were hungry.

Presently, in America, many states are attempting to eliminate labor practices in an effort to lower costs to the state. This is also happening on a local level. Just last week there was an article about changing the town employee contract, where the employee ended up paying more of their medical benefit costs.

One month there was an article that quoted a statement of my local state representative and her support in an issue of salary renegotiation for state employees. Her stance was to maintain the higher salaries of the upper level state officials because their expertise could not be replaced with a lower salary that would bring in a less qualified person.

A similar argument was used in a local issue of salary for a police chief. He got his higher salary because he was an experienced employee. One woman on the board did stand up and say that given that all salaries of the local employees were being cut the same should apply for the chief of police. At least there are people out there with some common sense.

But I am seeing this everywhere, lower level employees are having their salaries cut, where their salary will cover more of their benefit costs, retirement account and health care costs.Yet the officials in the upper levels are justifying not having their salaries cut. They are special people, not subject to the economy.

There was another article where the government has not raised the social security benefits based on inflation because the government believes there is currently no inflation. The author was full of disbelief, he wondered where these analysts were buying their gas.

Yet all this change eventually affects the average income bearer in America. The average income here is 60,000 dollars a year, which means that for the state and federal and local government skimming from this largest of pools is where the greatest amount of money is saved, or cut.

And the images of this group are being removed, the images of the collective are being removed. The glorification of the worker is no longer popular. Is this the reflection of the elimination of the voice of the worker? The worker, who will eventually realize that his salary has been cut, yet the “chief” person has retained their salary?

There are many people that complain about the health benefit system with members of congress, where the members of congress do not have to accept the very laws of how health benefits function in this country for themselves, they are immune to their own decisions.

On a local, and state and federal level those making the decisions as to how costs are cut, with all their expertise, are immune to the very conditions they decide for others.

Why do we have a system where the decision makers are immune to their decisions? Does this really make any sense? How does this ever create a situation where common sense is utilized. It would make more common sense for the person making the decision to partake of that decision. If one has to practice what they preach then they might just make better decisions! The abuse that is current here on earth is because some have granted themselves immunity, and each and everyone of us allow this. We allow the starvation that exists on a scale of a billion people, we allow the abuse to animals, because we have accepted a system that creates this illusion of immunity. There is no immunity, we are responsible.

Support an equal money system, realize that we are all responsible. Be the principle of equality, love your neighbor as yourself.

Realize that no “heaven” is deserved until we prove ourselves worthy with what is here, and considering what we allow on this earth, no one is going to “heaven”. The only solution is to collectively stand to stop abuse, individual efforts have not stopped the abuse, so if one thinks they are doing something and will therefor go to heaven they are screwed. No ONE is immune until ALL are immune. Realize EQUALITY. Stop putting yourself on a pedestal with your little check list of good deeds that you think is going to get you into heaven, its not. Humanity does not deserve heaven until humanity learns to collectively create heaven, until humanity learns to stand as all as one as equal, the manifestation of which is the end of ALL abuse.


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