Writing my self out this morning

I spent some time writing my self out this morning and it did’t seem to be helping. I ended up with a very long document that rambled all over the place, ending up with a list of forgiveness that I could tell was not productive.
It seems that sometimes more corrective application, more self acceptance and direction is all that I must accept. Just simply moving my self in some direction instead of looking to forgive. I have not caught up to my self here. So, it is time to stop and catch up to my self here.
Either that, or I am looping around in something I am not accepting. And I felt nauseous this morning so, this is probably it, or both are it, they do come together; forgiveness and corrective application.
But standing and speaking that it is time to stand up as my self and be responsible worked, this was the only thing that seemed to stop the constriction within that has built up.
Awareness is demanding attention, is demanding movement, wants to expand.

And it terrifies me to say this here.

All I can think is that I must be doing something wrong.

I am sure I will find out.

Cameron sent me a TED video.

Allow mistakes; expect mastery.
What else is there?


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