Watching this news video on refugees fleeing conflicts in their homeland only to face economic limitations in another land, I would think would be enough to question how our system functions. Actually, it is not functioning. If vast numbers of people are moving around in search of security then our system is not providing this security, is not supporting life, is creating and functioning as havoc and chaos.
Until all is respected and dignified as life, instead of mere pawns in supporting an accepted illusion of some needing more, chaos reigns.

This reminds me of a place I experienced at one time.
I lived in Switzerland next to the Pakistan Embassy. A friend of mine, who lived in the house next to this embassy worked in a refugee center.
One day, sitting in her kitchen I listened to the story of a refugee from Northern India. Now, remember, here I was, drinking coffee in a house next to the Pakistan Embassy with a refugee from Northern India.
The refugee had lost everything. I could barely look this man in the eye, his anger and bitterness and sadness were difficult to see.

The Pakistan Embassy had many things, and chose to do things like buy a new mercedes instead of using their money to support the education of the daughter of one of the “lesser” level attaches. The hierarchy at the embassy was easy to see, if one looked like an arab, meaning light skinned and dark haired, they walked in the front, if one looked like a native Indian, with darker skin, one walked behind.
As an American I could watch all this from my balcony, the Embassy being easily seen from my garden.

Back to the Northern Indian refugee, sitting in the house next to the Pakistan Embassy, telling his story, the story of why he fled from his home in Northern India.
His family had been placed in the basement of his home. The home had then been set on fire. This man had managed to flee, and from a distance watched as his family burned in the house. The Pakistani’s wanted the land, and when the farmers refused to leave, they simply went in and set the homes on fire, with the families in the basement. I don’t think I heard about this in the news.

I have to admit that it took me a while to realize the whole scene I was involved in. The irony; sheer insanity of this.
The Pakistani “elite” wanted land, and a new mercedes, these things were more important than education for all and the life of the farmers. A refugee is an unwanted person, because someone is wanting something, there are people out there who “want” something and they believe that their “wanting” comes first. Their wanting comes BEFORE THE CONSIDERATION OF LIFE.

In “wanting” they only consider what is best for them, and hierarchies are created to justify this lust for wanting. And make no mistake about it, “wanting” is a lust.

So all the refugees of the world are trying to escape the insatiable lust of those who hide in hierarchies of control.
And we allow this control, we allow this lust.
The only solution is for all to stand, for all to stop this present system that diverts the resources of this earth, abusing the earth and thus abusing ourselves, in satiating the lust – the insanity of “want” without consideration.

In not standing up, we enable. Psychology teaches us this on a micro scale, but this also exists on a macro scale. The byproducts of this enabling of lust are seen in the waste of earth’s resources, the abuse of the animals, the abuse of the soil, the abuse of the sea and the air, that which supports us here, unconditionally. Political refugees are another byproduct of this enabling.

Why can’t we be that which supports us here? The air, the soil, the sea supporting us unconditionally.

We must model the air, the sea, the soil. We, as humanity, must stand as all as one as equal.
An equal money system, where all are supported first and foremost, is a solution that takes what is here and distributes the resources of the earth equally to support life before profit. Our present economic system does not.

If we can take all the people of the world and they would fit, standing side by side, into an area the size of Los Angeles, then we have enough resource to allow all to be fed and housed with the basics needed to live a dignified life, a life without refugees. A life, where the education of a child is more important than a mercedes.

The 8% of the world that has access to the internet, you are responsible, you have the response-ability to stand as equality, to stop the abuse of “wanting” without consideration of all that is here, to allow all that is here to live a dignified life. Stop enabling abuse.

Support an equal money system.

Support equality. Be responsible.


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