Monoculture and economy more important than rodent.

In the Wall Street Journal’s digital edition for March 24, 2011 there appeared and article on the Hamsters in Alsace called,

“A Little Victim’s Plight Has the Wheel of Justice Spinning
The Great Hamster of Alsace Gets His Day in Europe’s High Court.”

In this article a statement was made that I have heard in other stories about animals that are considered pests to farmers and their means of income.( One such story exists with the grey wolf and the ranchers on the American plains.) Where

“Local farmers question that logic ( saving a pest ). “Our economy around here should be wine and corn, because that’s what makes money,” says Christian Schmidt, a neighbor who farms 250 acres, mostly corn. “Why would you mess with the economy for a small animal?”

In America; who would mess with the economy for some grey wolves.

Money is more important that life, money is more important than animals.

I think the earthquakes are really the earth stopping the human , which is so singular in its existence, money. A monoculture that does not consider all the life that is here.

And someone thought is was god…..

Support all life, that which is here that supports all of us.

Let’s start with an equal money system.

And stop the monoculture of the human mind.

Stand up and stop abuse.


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