Bulgarian children and Bulgarian nuns

I watched a video on Youtube about the street children, the children who left their homes to live on the streets.

There was a documentary I watched a few times when I lived in Europe about these children, but i have never seen this here in America. I have looked for it on the web but have yet to find it.

The most horrifying thing I remember from the documentary were the treatment of the children in the orphanages. Much aid had been sent to these orphanages but the staff would take the food and clothes that was the aid home to their own children saying that their children had a better chance than the children in the home.

There were images of rooms filled with cribs and children lying in the cribs that looked to be three of four years of age but were behaving as babies. No one had touched them or held them. They simply lay there, ignored.

I understand that there were siblings that would leave home together, the baby of the group carried by the oldest child, all going into the city to find a place where their parents no longer tormented them, their parents having as many children as possible to get money to pay for their alcohol addiction.

I also have been told, which I don’t remember if this was in this documentary, that bus loads of men from across the border would go to the city where the children were for sex with children. This was told to me by a journalist that worked for Swiss Radio International. That’s really fucked up if someone wants to have sex with a child.

Presently, there are all these neglected children in orphanages in Bulgaria, that continue to be neglected in ways beyond simple food and clothing. One video had images of large children lying in bed, behaving like a one month old child.

What came up on the list of videos was another video about nuns in Bulgaria. This video showed a group of nuns taking care of a garden. Happy, well dressed and well fed. This video was about their treatment when their convent had been destroyed and how the prison guards and the regime criticized their faith. The nuns go on to tell of their need for a figurine of the virgin mary, and how one guard “felt the grace of the virgin as he took the figurine from the nun”.

These nuns looked better fed than the children, the abandoned children, their clothes looked like they cost more than anything the children wore. I mean, one of those frocks that the nuns were wearing must cost quite something, all that fabric. These nuns even have a garden, the children in the orphanage have tiled walls and hallways so devoid of anything that they only echo the rantings of some of the children that have developed psychotic behaviors.

I guess that praying to god gives one a better life than being a child abandoned by the system. These nuns and their faith and their praying has done nothing to change what exists in their own country. The money spent on the maintenance of these nuns, so that they can continue to pray, where one would think that all the praying that has been going on for the last two or so thousand years would have done what it is supposedly is here for. Salvation.

All this money spent on the hope of salvation, on clothing and feeding those caught in this deception of praying for salvation and meanwhile there are children living on the streets, existing in orphanages where there is no future, just more abuse from frustrated workers. Just more buses of men seeking sex with children.

If I were an alien and I arrived on earth I would see women in gowns tending gardens and rubbing their knees on the ground uttering words under their breath and children swaying back and forth uttering words under their breath and I would think the whole earth world insane. Everyone sitting and uttering unheard words under their breath.

This is how we exist, under our breath.

The nuns are no more or less disturbed and breathless than the children.

What is really sick is that there is more money spent, or so it seems to me, on each nun, judging by the clothes and the healthy color in the cheeks of these women, than on the children.

There is more money spent on something that has not stopped the abuse of this world even though it promotes salvation. But this is all the nuns are really doing, “promoting” salvation. A promotion is not a motion. A promotion is not an actual solution. The human is infantile in the support of this “promoting” not realizing that the next step of taking a motion that actually does something, the something that is “done” is the actual manifestation of heaven on earth.

Remember that no god, a “god” being life as what a universal idea that we have of what actual love is, would, in any common sense, deny self discovery, would deny each of us here the experience of being what is best for all, of being the experience of self responsibility. This is more fulfilling than having another do the discovery for us, of something else responding for us, when actually experiencing self expression, being able to respond ourselves is being life, is actually being, what the fuck else if there but this?. We are it, we are the ones to use what is here to create heaven on earth. Our own ability to do this with this physical world is the salvation that we allow as an abstract idea in our minds, that we promote but never exist as.

The juxtaposition of well fed and dressed nuns and abandoned children in this world should be enough to stop and think and actually look at how we exist!

No god is going to save us. no god is going to save these children, unless we realize that we as the physical are this “god of salvation” The physical is what is the tool to create heaven on earth, is that which walks what is best for all.


Our children, what is best for them, is to have the life that allows self responsibility, that allows self expression. This is heaven.

Please stand up for equal money. There are only about 8% of the world with access to the internet. Life is calling and every voice is needed to sound equality and bring about one vote=one person.



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