The first article I read today. Here is a list of the brunt of most of the statements made, in order.

Establish no-fly-zone, avert massacre, hand over military actions to others ( countries)
America is not going to be there, others take over
Despite costs ( taxes) Obama believes Americans support this
Americans will be satisfied that lives were saved.
The money is already there to pay for this ( American money/tax dollars)
No one else ( America) has a bigger stake in making sure THE RULES are maintained in Libya.
This does not mean I ( Obama) will send troops and planes elsewhere in the middle east.
Would the rebels be able to govern. Don’t know.
Congress man will submit bill to stop tax dollars spent on war.

I don’t have a degree in psychology, do I need one to understand this?
I am lead to believe that this military action is going to save lives. And then I am told that the money is already there, that it will be taken over by other countries-meaning America will not pay for all of this, or is not alone- and that this serves our interests to make the rules remain, after all we don’t even know if the rebels can rule. Americans will eventually be glad they saved lives.

This is like the arguments parents give to children to participate in the system.

A possible guilt trip should I question “the saving of live”, and not to worry about the money. In the small town politics I see so much “bait and switch” going on with propositions put forward. Anything is used to allow the town government to grow bigger, often saying that it will only cost this much, only later to find that all is forgotten and what is then stated is, “we didn’t know”. So anytime I read a statement about how the money is not going to be spent I cannot believe it any longer, this statement is another statement to placate, that is its intent therefor it is more than likely a lie.

Our tax dollars are already there. Yes???? What does this mean?

The bigger stake, has to do with profit and control of profit. This actually tells us the real story.

Just this once, it will never happen again. I don’t want to control everything for my own profit, just this.

After all, do these people that want to take over know what they are doing, are they going to join the game of profit?

Yes, I am sarcastic. And I am reacting. How would I respond to this litany that is the mind should I confront this?

These thing are presented as statements, and I have stood and said that the statements given to me I need not accept. That there are too many unanswered questions and too many details missing, and too many assumptions made. There is a burden of belief here, a huge pyramid, on top of all this. A game of emotion is used.
No wonder it seems daunting.

This whole game is only considering profit, is geared towards profit, while our heart strings are pulled.
Life is not what is really considered.
The life of all people is not considered, yet we are asked to consider life.

Well I am here considering life. I am here to say that profit has to stop as what it is that considers life. Profit does not consider life, profit would try and convince one that our money is worth saving lives without looking at the whole, the whole being the earth, the whole being every life, all life.

The only action that would consider life presently is to establish an equal money system, is to use the tax dollars that are already here to establish an equal money system, is to stop and create a means that supports all life, that enables all to have what is needed to live a decent life from birth until death.

President Obama, I would rather my tax dollars be spent initiating an equal money system in Libya, where the life that is in Libya be treated equally, where the lives of the people and animals live in decency, where each person is allowed to self realize, where each person is allowed to express themselves and not be in fear of survival.

Support all life.

Become self responsible.


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