This is a series of photographs of young farmers in America.
What I thought was interesting is that one of the couples had to buy used farm equipment for use on a small family farm because the farm equipment being produced today is for huge farms.

In these huge farms is there any connection to the earth? Do the people driving these large machines get their hands covered in dirt?

Are they aware of the bugs and the rodents that exist?

Is the landscape on a huge farm bugless and birdless? Does an atmosphere of silence reign when the engine of a huge machine stops?

As the comments for each photograph suggests, these young farmers cannot even afford health insurance or even paying off their loans, or even the opportunity to afford a farm.

I remember being told that modern agricultural practices were the wonder of the world, that these practices would “feed the world”. But this has not happened, the huge farms with their huge machines and their monoculture are all functioning towards creating profit.

What is lost is an intimacy with the land, an enjoyment in the interaction and expression with and as the land. No consideration to enjoy being here, one and equal with what is here, realizing, in equality what is best for all.

These small farmers probably spend most of their time worrying about how they are ever going to afford health insurance.

Is this life?

Bring life here, bring intimacy and expression here.
Support an equal money system.


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One Response to FARMER

  1. o says:

    Very, very true what you say about those hard-working farmers who only own small stretches of land. But – and I should type this BUT in capital letters: I have looked into this “equal money system” as proposed by Desteni: I was shocked an disgusted at the same time. How can you propose an ‘equal money system’ and at the same token encourage your members ( or ‘followers’) to work for your organization on the basis of a so-called ‘pyracmide-scheme’? They seem to preach with two tongues. All my sympathy is with those farmers but Desteni will never ever ‘rescue’ them. Desteni is on ‘ the other side’ – that’s my opinion and I apologize for my rather blunt statement. But as I said before: I’m with those farmers and with your judgement about their dreadful situation; but I simply hate when organizations (call them ‘Desteni’ or whatever) try to make use of peoples empathy in order to make own profit. That’s even worse than capitalism, because they try to ‘disguise’ brutal capitalism ( pyramid-schemes are a very aggressive form of capitalism) behind a thick veil of allegedly ‘good intentions’. But maybe you know more about this organization than me and can explain why their doctrines seem to be so contradictory.
    Best, O.

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