Profit from poverty, control of food. recently posted an article on the rise of food stamp usage in America. According to the article, there are now 44 million Americans using food stamps, meaning that 14.3% of the population cannot support itself enough to buy food and requires government support.

In the above listed video, “FOOD STAMPS PROFITS : how JP Morgan gets rich with increased poverty”, it is stated that the company JP Morgan controls food stamps, and that JP Morgan is the Federal Reserve Bank.
If this be true, then JP Morgan has no interest in reversing the increase of poverty in America.

“Food Stamps” are now issued in the form of a plastic card, where instead of a “stamp” one has a plastic card that is run through a cashier electronically. So one who is using food stamps must go where there are electronic cash registers hooked up to the present systems.

So, if one is on food stamps and wants to buy some fresh produce from a local small farmer, or a local person planting a garden to sell vegetables to supplement their income, there is no electronic cash register that allows the food stamp person to use their card to pay for the food. is an article about an action a small town in Maine has taken
“to produce, process, sell, purchase, and consume local foods of their choosing.” This can be agreed upon if the producer has a private agreement with the person purchasing the product.

Do I think that food stamp cards will work in this scenario? NO.

On the one hand we have local movement to produce food locally. On. the other hand we have a company interested in poverty and lack to issue plastic cards that transfer information/credits electronically. Where the electronic transfer works in places where there is only a cash register hooked up to a system-which means the use of food stamps can only allow the sale of certain products, products that are sold in the big supermarkets.

Here we have a system using poverty to support a system. Not only are profits made from the “food” stamp itself, but the use of the food stamp limits what foods are able to be purchased. The food stamp dependent person then is dependent on food from the stores big enough to afford an electronic cash register system and not a local small farmer, or neighbor supplementing income with the development of a garden.

This endless structure that supports profit, and only profit, that does not consider the earth, that does not consider what is best for all, that will even chose to limit humans from learning to sustain themselves. A system that will create and then corral all movement of survival in one direction, that of profit.

In an equal money system the abilities of people and the earth would not be at odds and in competition with one another because there would be no profit. There would be no need to have local governments spend time circumnavigating federal and state laws that have been promoted by the lobbyists of profit based companies onto politicians , thereby being supported by governments.

This increase in food stamp usage which is profit from increased poverty is also a control mechanism of food. An endlessly spinning circle of profit and control.

Is any of this what is best for all? I sit here and try to think of a way out of this but there really is not one. The only real choice is to stand up for an equal money system. Moving one’s way through all the laws and bureaucracies that exist in support of profit would be considerable. Simply standing up and stopping this profit based system through the establishment of an equal money system is really the only choice. One person, one vote, equal money.


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