Another use of the “precautionary principle”

” In its ephedra ban, for example, FDA in effect rejected the Paracelsian model for assessing dietary supplement adulteration (i.e., dose determines toxicity) in favor of the precautionary principle. Under that [precautionary] principle, if a nutrient causes harm at some dose level (a universal fact because everything, including, water, causes injury at some dose level), it would be presumed adulterated until the industry proved it safe beyond doubt at another dose level. That shifted the burden of proof from FDA (where Congress placed it) to the industry (where FDA prefers that it be), enabling FDA to ban any nutrient it wishes on evidence readily available that at some dose level [at preposterously high doses] it causes harm.”


In my last blog I wrote about a precautionary principle helping people to stop what they determined was harmful to the environment and how the use of this principle was blocked in the states through a pre emptive strike.

Yet, here is an article where this very same principle is used by government agencies to manipulate congressional rulings in such a manner to benefit industry.

( Elimination through bureaucratic burden is an effective method)

I suppose it does nothing to blame government or industry, what is in control here is profit.

So much time and effort spent on elimination of information, on elimination of products that are a threat to profits for a few individuals and meanwhile people are starving and struggling to survive. It does all seem like one endless game of survival that is completely unnecessary. When all that is here belongs to all of us.

In this instance the precautionary principle is used to eliminate products by suggesting that they are harmful in an exaggerated manner. The “precautionary principle” should really be applied to GREED and PROFIT. If greed and profit potentially cause starvation and other abuses through the unequal distribution of resources that create desperate actions in those that lack the basics needed to survive then a “precautionary” principle is needed. The principle needed here is to treat your neighbor as yourself, to realize that we are all as one as equal. The principle of equality.

The implementation of this principle practically is through an equal money system. Using what is here, to distribute resource equally.


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