Intense and eager enjoyment, interest or approval.
Archaic derogatory religious fervor supposedly resulting directly from divine inspiration.

Latin Greek: Enthousiasmus
enthous, possessed by a god, inspired ( based on theos ‘god’ )

There are two definitions for this in the dictionary on my computer, but I think they are not separate. They are one and the same.

When I become enthusiastic I lose my self in the excitement in the focus of the thing I am excited about and in this I forget my self to the point where I take what knowledge and information I have gathered and bend it to suit my enthusiasm.

As I thought this, this morning, the bottom of my left heel started sending me intense needle like pains. I had been thinking about how I end up in confusion and fear sometimes with facing words and realizing the whole of whatever it is I am putting together using words and structure to convey the principles of oneness and equality. And I realized that when I tend towards enthusiasm, when I get caught up in separating myself from what I am doing into, for a moment, seeing the end product and racing towards that goal enthusiastically, I end up missing the clarity of my self direction and then bend the words as I perform in a feeling of divine inspiration ( so-to-speak). The I become afraid.

This , to me, has a similar pattern to righteousness.

Anyway, when this happens, I must remember to breath, to stop, to find the place where the words are not overwhelming and where I am not wanting the “end product”.

It is like stopping the spinning, spiraling into “enthous”, possession.

At least for now my foot felt hot and stopped.


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