People of the church

Two recent articles on the death of and by people heavily involved in a church, where the words used to describe these people are that they were a pastor and a child that participated in church events to the extent that the child had a specific duty. Yet these people were involved in brutality, in killing.

The words in the articles tell us nothing. The one story about a boy, only talk about how good the boy was because of his activities in a church. What is not being said, what is not being looked at? The newspaper article merely allows a moment where the reader becomes pity and sorrow and then believes themselves to have done something for the world, when really a drug of believing oneself to have cared for the world because one FELT something is all that happened. How easy it is to sit and believe, within the safety of a home that having thoughts and feelings about something is enough. Having a “feeling” of caring does nothing to stop what is behind the words presented in an article, words that placate through union with something we believe to be “good”. Instead of “getting off” on a feeling of caring, why not question? Why not ask yourself to follow some of these stories and find what is not said? Dis-cover for yourself what is actually happening in this existence?

I had jury duty. A young boy had been killed. Killed for sex. Killed for sexual desire by a man who had been put away for sexual abuse to a child. The priest/prison-psychologist had met the killer in prison and become his mentor which allowed the killer to leave prison.

The priest/prison-psychologist had then had “events” at the many parties he had at his home, that were the supposed “model” of acclimation back into society for this killer the priest had stepped forward to mentor for.

This priest had been asked if he had had a relationship with one of the witnesses, to which the priest replied no. But later in the cross-examination the priest reprimanded the district attorney because the attorney had not used the correct terminology, meaning that a relationship was different than an event. The priest had had, what I and others that use a common vernacular, many relations with all the men/boys at the parties he had at his home- his home where he had welcomed- to mentor- an ex convict- convicted of child abuse!!!!!! In the priest’s use of his own psychobabble, which one is simply ignorant should one not know this- according to this educated priest, he avoided revealing what he REALLY practiced. His mantel of priesthood and profession were a means to practice his own perversion.
He called sexual activity an event and not a relation. This priest placed a child abuser into a situation where there were young men participating in the very act the convict could not control within himself. This convict eventually had parties at his own home, where a young man that had attended the party was taken into some woods and killed.

Though I do not remember the headline in the article I wonder if the words were something like ” Ex-convict , who had been mentored by a priest, kills child”. Now what comes up here? Do you feel that this murderer had been helped by the kindly support of a priest, and that it was too bad that the murderer had not taken what “godly” help was given? If so then the very emotional reactions one might have are an illusion, a recording that has nothing to do with what physically happened. So, WAKE UP!

In these stories the word “church” suggests “goodness”, but obviously the mantel hides the activity. In the case I refer to above, it is the the mantel of the church and the beneficent associations of the role of a psychologist that allowed the perverse activity that lead to a death of a child.

Look behind the mantel, discover the abuse that exists and stand up as the solution. Reading stories and feeling “care” do NOTHING to STOP the perversion rampant within this world. Associations of “goodness” with what is believed, with what our education have lead us to believe, with words on a page are not what is actually, physically here.

Don’t allow words to deceive, they are the mantel of deceit.


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