Applying common sense.

I am once again thinking about this man. And I have the thought, as I remember something that was said to me, that he does not want analysis, that he wants to sit back and enjoy life, that all his stories and comments are his analysis. These things he says are an analysis of life, of what is around him according to his experiences and beliefs and ideas. In this, he is really saying that what he wants is his analysis/perception/judgement of the world/of what is here to be the words and the expression that is what is “running” as the focus in the moment.
And I realized that I am being the same thing, as many of us, as we exist here. That most of what goes on is this constant presentation of description and “analysis” of what one is experiencing through the veil of belief/opinion/idea of past experience.

And all of it is mere spinning of what is downloaded into the mind, as the mind. The place where nothing that is actually here is accepted, where there is no sensing of the common/collective expression that is this earth, that is this physical existence.

In many ways this limits, in such a simple manner, the potential to take in all that is here, to physically sense all that is here.

Instead of going into self pity, or spite, or regret, or shame, or angst that I have perhaps never lived, or spent so much time limiting my self, all that can actually be accepted from this point forward is to stop my “analysis” and move beyond this.

Therefor, I forgive the actions of my self that I have judged as that of another and accept the threshold beyond the bubble of my own continually running movie that I analyze and acknowledge through my participation.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting myself to judge another person as avoiding “analysis” and reacting to this statement as being that of a person merely wanting to be within their own movie, where my “movie” is of no interest, and realizing that either “movie” is not life, that the rejection of my “movie” is not something I should feel indignant about because this would then be the same action I am criticizing, where I am not here in common sense, as all as one as equal, realizing my oneness with all that is here, realizing the sense of the physical that is here.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to fear the words that are here, as something that I need support, as though, should I not participate in the “movie” that is the limited/indoctrinated/experienced/ perception of another I am being dismissed and rejected, when what is actually happening is that I am not supporting the limited observation prevalent in no reaction for or against as or in words of agreement or disagreement in relation to the “movie “ that is my self as a mind that is constructed of indoctrination/experience/images/beliefs/ideas of limited awareness of what is here as the earth as all as one as equal.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to fear thwarting the mind of another, to fear letting go of my mind as I forgo the accepted and allowed responses of my self based on my “movie”/mind imagery of past indoctrination/experience/imagination that is built around fear and limitation.

I forgive myself for allowing and accepting my self to not apply common sense in the face of all that is here, be it the mind of another, the mind of my self, or the actual physical existence that is here, that is my self.

I bring my self back, I slow my self down to a stop that which is my mind and I apply common sense, and I breath. I am here, I am all as one as equal.


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