Systems supporting systems

Reading articles and blogs about what is happening with the current systems in relation to states and cities trying to make cuts in their budgets I realize that what is being supported are the officials in government positions.
In the last days I have encountered news about eliminating teacher unions bargaining powers, cities sending notices to their teachers that they may not have a job in September, how educated workers are given temporary positions ( both in the news and what I have heard is happening here with people I know), and a story told to me by a local person that my superintendent of schools gave himself a raise during a real-estate override that obtained more money from locals to supposedly make up deficits.

In these stories, I understand that the police are not losing their bargaining abilities within their union contracts, that the officials in the city governments are justifying that their salaries need to remain because they might be taken by less competent people. Those making the decisions are selectively deciding who should have less and who should remain, are justifying their own needs and pointing the finger at another section of the society to diminish financially.

Even here, within my own area’s school district, teaching jobs are being cut back to part-time positions, yet I do not see the principle, whose salary is much higher than the teachers, choosing to work less hours to save the budget short-falls.

Even the town government has cut the number of hours for its workers.

A daughter of a friend, who recently graduated is now working temporary jobs in Boston. Where, as a temp. the agency does not need to pay benefits the first three months on the job.

There have been articles where townships have said that their retirement and health benefits programs are becoming a large part of their revenue demands.

And then there is the appearance of videos on Youtube of police chiefs telling their officers to write tickets to generate revenue so that their salaries can be paid.

So, all this juggling of where to cut spending, where the focus is to cut spending but no real solution, no real scrutiny of the present system, and how it is a pyramid scheme that has no place to go by its very nature but into complete collapse.

And meanwhile, I received another article about a state government having a meeting to eliminate the religious/philosophical exemption choice towards immunization. So, our governments are doing business and usual, supporting profit as well.

We are systems supporting systems, instead of life supporting life.


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