Systems and how we react.

In the fifth grade class of my son there were about 10 or so boys, maybe less. All white boys and one African American. About mid year my son started coming to me and complaining that he never got to work with different children, that he was always paired with this African American boy. I had told him that was ok. But he continued to complain. When my kids continued to complain, I usually took a more careful look at the situation. But before I called the teacher she called me. She said that my son was wanting to not work with this African American child. I then said to her that my understanding was that the only person my son HAD worked with was this African American child, all year. The teacher then said to me, ” Well, no one else will work with him” …………………………….


I said to the teacher, well, you mean to say that my son, the only one who will work with this black child, who has worked with this boy all year is now a problem. Is this the real problem here? The teacher could see nothing else, she did not want to deal with this. INCREDIBLE.

This African American boy dedicated his 5th grade year book page to my son, saying he wanted to be my son when he grew up.

If your response to this is that I am such a fucking good mother, or that my son is wonderful and kind and nice then you are one fucked up person.

First of all it is sad that this child wanted to be the only person who paid any attention to him. Secondly, every time I see one of the parents of these other boys I want to tell them this story. Thirdly, I think that it is a shame that my son was not allowed to work with another child because that was what was easiest for this teacher.

I think I still have the year book. I should post the page of this boy.

Then I should forgive this rage that I feel.

In a system of survival any justification one can “dream up” is created. Whatever process of elimination can maneuver one to the top is used. Elimination is all that is seen. Life is not seen. Expression is not seen. There is only the drive to survive. We have become this to such an extent that stepping outside of this is an “unknown” within the systems, such as school, that we participate in.

Equal Money will stop this. Where all have the means to survive because their basic needs are met. The hierarchies of race will no longer apply, the need to categorize by the color of skin, to eliminate and place oneself, one’s race in a position of more than or less than.

We are all here, we are all of this earth. We are all equal. This earth is a home for all.


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