The parts and the whole

In looking at the morality that I am not even aware as that which guides me, I realize that most of this is the placement of a “sign” where the “sign” of the moral is the focusing of one self on a detail, where the whole is lost, where seeing the part as part of the whole is lost.

So, all the parts that have been placed within me through morals and beliefs and ideas, which I have accepted are “cogs in the wheel” that distract me from my self. In some ways, these beliefs/ideas I use like a life preserver, in a belief that I require a pacifier – one of those things that babies have stuck in their mouth- to keep me entertained, to keep me busy-to keep me “on track”, to support the focus of my self on the details and not on the whole.

Within my self if I don’t see the whole of what I am existing as, and focus on detail, then I am once again becoming that which pacified the awareness of my self in focusing on a outside directive/limitation as focus in fear of possibility, presented by others themselves pacified by placements of directives that limit focus into parts without retaining awareness of the whole.

We are taught to “look out for” instead of to become aware of the space as a whole.

All the fears within are the things I was taught to “look out for”, the morality being that which becomes all that I am. Instead of the relative to the whole, I am the relative to the part.

IN realizing all that is within me, I must realize that this is me, that I must accept it as what I have allowed and see it as a part that I forgive and direct my self through, thereby eliminating the “sign” placement of it and once again becoming an awareness of the whole. Dissolving the focus of my self on the shackle of limited awareness.

I do this as I take in information.
I listened to a video about food price speculation and how it is manipulated for profit. I was emotional about this and did not take it and apply it the system that it is, that is allowed, that is what has to be removed/stopped/realized as extremely abusive. I focused on the detail of the act and did not relate it to the whole. I do this sometimes, but I am not consistent, emotions consume me and I forget the whole. The morality of good and bad took over and I looked at the “badness” of this one thing.

O do this within my self. I look at the fear and don’t realize the moral, the “sign” that was the directive, that I am using in expectation of wanting something as maintenance of the limitation as the only thing I see. And so I spin in, forgetting that I am here, breathing, forgetting the whole. I have once again become my mind, using the signs because this is all that I see.

Just practice coming back into the physical, what is here, the
“here” being the whole.


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