Equal Money System and Pensions

My father was fired just before he reached retirement. Why? Because the big corporation that bought his company wanted to save money, wanted to create profit for its shareholders. Buying smaller companies and getting rid of the people in the companies before their retirement, thereby diminishing the amount of pension cost, saved money for the company. This actually happens all the time, but usually the one eliminated is so humiliated, taking the action personally, that they do nothing. There are some who have fought the abusers, those ravaged by a desire for profit, but not many have the means financially to fight, or they are emotionally too devastated to fight. And the companies know this, they probably calculate how many will stand and fight and how many will hide in shame, and find that in the end they save money for themselves. Make no mistake about this, it is all about the money. In this instance it was Gannet, the owner of USA Today. They went around and bought county newspapers and then fired writers about to retire. My father was in his early sixties and it was the mid eighties.

Any add for any company that suggests they care about people is a lie, or perhaps they do “care” about people, so it is a lie by omission, a lie where what is cared for first is not stated, but this is not and cannot be their first “care” in a system where shareholders want a profit. The first “care” is about making money, is about grabbing as much money as possible. People and resources do not matter. My father did not matter. The number of years he spent writing for the paper did not matter. The community that followed his column did not matter ( even though I no longer live in the county where my father worked that is in another state, when I give my name I am sometimes asked if there is any connection to a newspaper writer from another county and state ) . The only thing that mattered was cutting costs and making a profit.

A company that is looking to cut pension costs will use anything to justify this action. One slip, one movement can be construed as a “mistake” and this one singular supposed “wrong doing” will be used to remove a person from their job. And the managers within the hierarchy will comply, because they fear losing their jobs. If they don’t “clear out” some of the people, then they will no longer have a job. And so it moves up the chain of command. The workers are coerced into complying for fear of losing their jobs, so they participate. The companies know this too; the profiteers know this too. It really is a form of instituted piracy. Only instead of having your leg or arm cut off, that which puts food on the table is cut, that which maintains your social status is cut off. Profiteers are pirates and our governments support them. The whole system is designed to support this.

The only solution is to realize that we are all here living on this planet, needing certain things to exist. How some can decide that the system that is here is how things are does not look at the big picture. The earth is a home, a home for humans, animals and plants, and dirt, and air, the list can go on, and this house supports in union all that is here. If one part of this house, if one member of this household decides that they are the “king” or the “god” and deserve more than the others, they have forgotten that everything that is here supports the very house in which they live. If their justification is that they have more of something than another, yet they are dependent on the existence of another, their very reasoning is taking a quality and elevating it without the awareness that this one thing cannot stand alone, is dependent on all the other things in the household to LIVE.

A company is dependent on workers. A company is dependent on the roads. A company is dependent on so much resource, resource that is a part of this home called earth. A company cannot stand alone. The pirates of profit cannot stand alone. How this rage for profit ever culminated to the point where the members of this household are abused and placed in a position of being considered garbage,is like a disease ravaging the body that is the earth.

The solution, the cure is to realize that this earth is our home. Everything here belongs to everything here because we are dependent on this earth to survive. We do not need a company that seeks profit to survive. The fear created by the system of profit is simply not necessary. We can live without this greed and fear and remember that this need not exist in any home.

The solution is an equal distribution of resource, and the means to create this with what is already used as a system of trade is money: an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM. Stop the movement of resource for profit and support the movement of resource as support of this home we all share, this home we depend on to live, where nothing is more than another. Stop the profiteers, stop blame, choose a solution, stop the disease, Vote for an EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM, STAND FOR AN EQUAL MONEY SYSTEM. It is time to organize and clean up our home. It is time to realize our equality for ourselves and our children.


Thank you.


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  1. cool writing Rebecca, thanks!

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