Interaction with words

Interacting with words is like interacting with the mind, The words arrive and I don’t even know where to begin! So many things that contradict one another in the sequence of the words, and so many terms needing to be defined. And usually, when questioning the words, much time is spent defining terms. Defining terms can also be a tactic for an ego to justify what was meant, when questioned and thwarted.
One ends up in a vortex, a whirlpool, a circuitous argument that ends in confusion. And in the confusion, and I speak for my self here, I become fearful, my head becomes heavy, my breathing labored.

I realize that some of this is emotional attachment to parts of an argument that is presented, and like the beliefs in my mind, I get lost in the energy of the words. The words being a formula that is in sync with the indoctrination of my self. I stumble in trying to stop the “blow” of indoc/habitual movement as thought. Just as I do with the dealings of what is my mind, emotions and feelings.

But the confusion with the words in circuitous motion, the confusion of my mind as my self in energy, and the confusion of money/resource in unequal distribution has to stop.

Confusion is the veil, somewhere clarity, the eternal exists. Stop the confusion, remove the fear and gain clarity.
At least, for the moment, the direction seems clear.


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