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As I talk with people and bring up the subject of equal money, I receive a lot of disbelief. Just as I receive incredulous behavior with my mother towards me with postings that are against christmas. Christmas being a gathering of family that chooses celebration of a dead man, instead of looking and changing what actually exists here on this earth.
The idea of equal money being something that won’t work, that has been tried in the sixties, because of human nature. Human nature being a combination of personalities where there are “natural ” leaders and “followers”. Where human nature is basically that of greed. Where human nature needs competition to advance itself. Where the collection of money, the accumulation of money, develops mankind, because one person makes decisions. A collective making decisions never works. It all breaks down. Just as the communes of the sixties failed.
So, from here I enter the realm of speaking about inter-dimensional control. About how we exist as separation from ourselvesas awareness that we are one and equal to everything that exists.That humankind has forgotten that awareness/oneness is here and that it is the beliefs and ideas that limit one into fear of loss because all that is seen is a hierarchy of more than and less than, all that is seen is wanting something, like fame, fortune and power because that is all that is presented through words, media, conditioning, behavior, and the distribution of goods.
Sharing, compassion, philanthropy are also here, but they are corralled into character, a singular action , a belief. These things are dished out in small amounts. They are something one gives.
A complaint about JPMorgan making money via food stamps was all about how the food stamps were an act of giving, that helped people and that if this was taken away there would no longer be this aid.
Here again one idea, one belief is that that is seen. This act of giving being taken away. In the limit of thought, thought being singular, stuck in the hearing of a limited coupling of words associated with the knowing and experience and feeling that is limited in itself because in not being aware it/thought has no ability to stand outside the movement of itself as thought into all as one as equal. And the mind is not willing to give up its ideas and beliefs, not willing to give up listening/hearing/moving to, what, as it has become in as a recording. “It can’t be done” is the response of a mind that is a recording, an imprint. Expecting response as a realization that includes the principle of oneness in equality, that includes more than what one is as a recording takes time. Reaction to this “recording” has to be the silliest thing one can be. The recording has to be changed first. And then eliminated altogether.

In this response of things that have the belief that there is a better way to live, as in a group of people attempting to live such a way of life, is that what is happening here with this group I am in has been done. The head shaving. The equal distribution of money to allow the equal distribution of goods and services to enable all with the basic means to survive. To realize that the plants and the animals are not something lower down on a measured scale and therefor not to be treated as a lifeless commodity is unrealistic.
I am not following anything new.
Exactly. I am not following anything new. These things have been here, right in front of us and yet we don’t realize.
Christ gathered people around him and talked. How else do humans create change? How else does one begin to change what is unacceptable?
Shaving the head has been done. So? People have always used their physical bodies to make a statement. It is as much a form of expression as are words, merely a different medium.
But we can’t feed the enormous amounts of people that are here without mass production. This one always gets me, because I have to remind people that they probably eat more than they need.
So, the conversation moves from one recording to another until frustration and ire appear. Some even hide in ignorance, simply stating that they do not “understand”. Leave these things to “professionals”.
There are words that can disperse conditioning for a moment.
This is all a process.
And as I pick away at forgiving my own conditioning and constructs which I have created and allowed because of my own fears and beliefs, which take time and have to be approached one at a time, so what is here has to approached one step at a time. Stopping many of the beliefs that allow starvation and greed and power to continue to be the recording that we have come to be, can be stopped through equal money, then, perhaps, many will take the nest step of realizing that what has existed is belief and not what the physical world is really capable of.


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