I talked with my sister today. She had come down last week to the Cape but did not come to see me because of things I posted on FB. She did not want to see me because i posted something about Christmas, as she said, something bad, something that said that families getting together to share in the Christmas spirit was bad. How could I do this?

I have told her that if she disagrees with my postings to take me off her FB friend list. She refuses. She, and my mother are telling me that FB is for “light” social banter. I say I post on FB what I believe to be important, that what I post is what I want to say. Again, the wall comes up and it is as though I have said nothing. We are merely two voices stating what we think without any change. And now it is two against one. Long discussions about the appropriate use of FB will ensue. Polite talk, one does not want to hear about the world. That is the way the world is. Life is not fair. etc.

I told my sister that there is nothing wrong with people coming together. That people coming together to share a meal cannot really be something of a celebration until EVERYONE can come together to share in the experience of life , equally. That until everything that is here is treated equally, that everything that is here is no longer abused, can anyone gather and celebrate anything. The video was meant to make one aware of what is going on, that which is unacceptable. This is one of the advantages of FB, it allows those who participate to see what is actually going on in the world.

So, my family is not coming to see me because of things I have posted. My mother is “sorry” and “sad” that I do not have GOD or faith.

What am I supposed to do with this? Stand through the hysterics that I have already encountered? Stand calm and speak as best I can without even the slightest doubt.

It is like I have said, suicide cannot exist, animals in cages cannot exist, is unacceptable; praying to a GOD that does nothing to change these things is unacceptable; a belief that we cannot know or understand life, is unacceptable.
Enslavement to fear is unacceptable. Greed is unacceptable.

In the end, if things move as they have before within the ways and thoughts of my parents, my father will ignore me, and/or throw me out of the house should the topic come up.

That is OK, it has happened before.


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