More than a year ago I was reading a newspaper around an election time. IN this election there was a vote to remove the state income tax. The newspaper ran an article that warned the removal of the state income tax would deny school services for handicapped children because the state would HAVE to cut these funds.
Another article in the same paper was about how wonderful it was that the state was going to fix the road out on the end of the Cape for 600,000$. ( I know this road-there are never any cars there, even in summer tourist season the road there is barren because most tourists drive through the town.) Now this road was simple and open and in very good condition, and everyone around complained that nothing needed to be done to this road!
So, in one day’s paper were examples of threats to children used as bait to emotionally stop people from doing anything about how the state spends its money, and another article about how much money the state is spending to do a -supposedly good thing- for the people of this state. This 600,000$ not needing to be spent BECAUSE THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH THE ROAD.
I bet that 600,000$ could have been used on the children, but the state only uses children to scare people and make them feel guilty.
So, today I had the same experience.
One newspaper. Two articles.
The first article about not cutting state workers salaries ( because they work so hard) and, especially, not cutting the salaries of workers in the upper positions because they, the state, might lose “the expertise” of these “upper” level people and have to hire workers of less capability.
The other article was about an 85 year old woman who was living on 1000$ a month from her social security check after having worked for many years. She did not have enough money to pay her taxes and insurance and a new walker to move around her house.
Most of the elderly I know here are complaining because the inflation increases in their pensions have been cut. The state here has cut back on many services; for example, offices that deal with registering a car, driving test, etc. are now in one location, whereas before there were small offices spread out over the Cape here where I live. One cannot reach a person on the phone for a state office. Everything is now automated.
Yes, things are being cut everywhere. Even social security and state pensions. But all those state workers, no, their salaries are not being cut, because someone with less qualifications might come in and mess things up ( I guess nothing is a mess now?).
I have to laugh, the logic used to maintain these salaries, and the blatant, right in front of our faces discrepancies so obviously displayed ( dis-played ) in one edition of a newspaper!
Newspapers are a reflection of how unaware we are! How insane the logic and reasoning fed to us is.
Find a newspaper and discover the polarities, they are probably always there.


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