Just read some information, posted by Anne, about charitable aid becoming another income source for some instead of being what was intended by the words used to gather such products of aid.
There is a family here in my town that just purchased a very expensive and large house. The man of this family works in Washington for some charity/aid group. I was wondering how someone that worked in aid/charity could afford such a large and expensive home? This man comes from a family of wealth, the brother runs an international fish trading company out of New York and , supposedly, lives in the brownstone building in Brooklyn that was the set for the movie Moonstruck. A big and very expensive house in one of the elite areas of our world. My friend has visited this house and says that it is huge, and has talked about how “tastefully decorated” this house is.
I had a friend in Switzerland who worked for Swiss Radio National. She went to Bulgaria and did a documentary on the state of the children living in the regime that existed there. She discovered that the clothing and aid sent to the orphanages was taken by the workers in the orphanages to feed and cloth their own children because the workers did not have enough to survive themselves. They had decided that there was more hope for their children than these children that had been lying in beds with little or no attention since they were born. The images of children lying in a bed the size of a three year old and the development of a new born…how can this exist?
I realize that should I meet this man that has bought this house I will want to ask questions , which I have done before only to be avoided should I meet the person I am directing questions towards about what does not make sense to me.
In this scenario, righteousness and anger and frustration are my self becoming a veil, a resonance, a “non-movement”. This is not a solution. All I can do is “sound” the questioning as awareness of looking at what is actually existing despite answers of “that is the way it is” and “life is unfair”. Finger pointing is just that, a stagnant pointing at an energetic construct, both unaware of life, of movement of solution. These things are me, and I must remember life as movement, not as emotion, not as pride in naming the thing, the thing that I label as an act of criticism. Labeling is also an act of separation in placing the thing outside of oneself, a stopping within as judgement. Breath the thing in and move through in common sense ( funny I just wrote comment sense) I am so much of the time comment sense, yes I am! So busy commenting instead.
Have to drive my son to school…

I am not comment sense, I am common sense.


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