I just re-listened to the video on banning and absolute standing;
Banning and Absolute Standing
Banning and Absolute Standing – Discussions on the Forum at… ‘Desteni forum’, youtube, ‘starting point’, acceptance, allowance, ‘self movement’, ‘self acceptance’, livin

and I realize that this is me at the moment. I keep hoping that I can convince the people that surround me of the principle of oneness and equality, and in the process I become righteous.

The specific occurrence that brought me to Desteni was a visual of the mind, an object appearing above my head. I realize that this realization that this was nothing, a meaningless happening, seemingly tantalizing, but containing nothing-unless I researched a system meaning for the symbol and attached to the image the meaning found- and in the end only having this, a picture with an abstract “meaning” attached to it.
So it is with all my emotions. A belief is a crystal with meaning attached to it. An emotion is a crystal with meaning attached to it. An idea is a crystal with meaning attached to it. Do these objects, with “meaning” attached breath? Do these objects live anything other than a singular “meaning” ?
One has to step outside of the objects that spin as the mind into breath before words of oneness and equality are heard, one has to stop the seeking of attaching meaning to symbols.
Our whole education system is about building meaning to symbols.
Family structure is a symbol/crystal to which we attach meaning.
Relationships are a symbol/crystal to which we attach meaning.
Governments are a symbol/crystal to which we attach meaning.
We go to school to learn the correct sequences of “meaning” attached to symbols. Then we string them together until we have so many of these strings we suffocate. We suffocate and suppress the breath of life.
The absolute purpose of this is to realize life, is to realize principle.

And I keep trying to understand this with my mind.

Arguing and trying to convince , or change, a mass of spinning objects that are supported with meaning is the mind and not breath.
One is stuck in di-mension, 2 mentions-symbol and meaning, and not remaining in breath, not re-maining, the main stream of sound,of life, of movement as the infinite.
I would call this “di-mentionalism”

Let go of the meanings as ideas, beliefs and opinions. The meaning I believe to be real within a relationship, that I believe will enable the person I am talking with to realize oneness in equality is never going to be a key to convince the other of oneness and equality. In allowing the “meaning” to give me hope I am simply enabling di-mentionalism.
I still believe that Meaning will support all, I am still attached to meaning and the seeking of it.


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