Family gathering

I had a family gathering today.

My sister said my face book postings were weird and extreme. I told her to listen to the words and realize that some of the postings were English-as-second-language speakers. She replied that their presentation was weird, that they also had other problems or “issues”, serious “issues” that they needed to deal with.

I have been told that the presentation of the material I share is unacceptable. and also that my expression of some of my opinions is unacceptable. I have been defensive about this, saying that the words are what is needed to be grasped but the rejection is heald in such a steadfast manner about the presentation of the material that I am astonished. ( I have to perhaps look at this issue of presentation within my self because it may be valid). At this moment I am so surprised that the response is one of agreeing with what is being said but unwillingness to look at what is agreed to because what consumes the person confronting me is an intense dislike of the presentation. In conversation about this, most of what is discussed is an argument about presentation! Presentation is everything, if whatever is being said is not presented in a “palatable” manner the message is unacceptable. There simply is no discussion about what is said.

At my family gathering I was questioned about what I post on face book. That face book is for superficial conversation, and not a place for discussion. That if I continue I will lose friends. I will be deleted from lists.

And all because of presentation.

I am moving too much as knowledge and information. I am wanting to find my self, to prove that the world can change. This is the first step. My self.



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