Sitting on a bench.

Today, I was sitting on a bench watching people. I could suddenly see the way in which I looked, the way I saw, the tension, the presentation, as though I was foreign to my self. I don’t even know what I was looking for! I was so shocked!

I have been noticing that my sight, my eye sight is really unclear. It was not this way a year ago.

I have also seen blue lights. Boxes of blue lights down and to the left as I look down with my eyes. One time I even saw frames, as “frames” one might see if one looked at a motion picture in slow motion. I could see the frames, individually, and as one thing. The story of the moments singularly and collectively. Like seeing a story in parts and as a whole all at once. This is not being here. So I don’t try to follow this. But yesterday, as I was driving my son to school, the blue light was there in front of my eyes. Do these two things have a connection. The blue “lighted boxes” and my unclear eyesight?

What thoughts are there?


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